Apple Valley Master Bath double vanities

5 Bathroom Must Haves

When dreaming of your ideal master bathroom, what do you see? Elegance and sophistication? Sleek and modern? Whatever your style there are some key elements that will turn your existing hum-drum bathroom into a showpiece. At Country Creek Builders we’ve transformed hundreds of master baths over the years and gained great insight into the bathroom must haves when it comes to renovation. Here are just a few of what we think are the highlights to a great master bath remodel.

Storage, Storage and More Storage

We hear it all the time…”we need more storage!” And its true, you can never have too much storage. What we’ve found is that there are many options for storage that you might not have even considered. The obvious linen closet and vanity come to mind, but there are also plenty of creative options too. Recessed shelving is one that has garnered attention over the past few years and something that we incorporate quite regularly now. Counter space is also usually a premium, especially in small master baths. This is when you can get creative with your storage options by placing additional cabinetry on the counter or between dual sinks if space allows.

Medicine cabinetHoerster storage-recessed shelfLee bathroom storage

Layered Lighting

It’s important to have proper lighting above or around the bathroom mirrors, but it’s also key to light up smaller rooms like a bathroom to make it feel larger. Try a layered lighting effect with an overhead statement piece for overall ambient lighting, a glowing treatment surrounding your mirrors and a watertight light to brighten the shower. This layered affect helps define each individual space but makes the overall space feel warm and inviting, unlike its utilitarian past.

Edina Master Bath Sconce LightingArched tile shower entry with lightMaple Wood Bath Remodel Sky Light and Vanity

Two Sinks

If it’s at all possible two sinks in the master bath is not only a must have for convenience, but also for resale. Right now the demand for dual sinks is still high. With dual income families, many couples need have access to the master bath at the same time, so convenience is a key factor when thinking about including two sinks in your master bathroom remodel. It’s also a matter of personal space. While you are a couple, you still like your own space to do with what you please.

Willet Bathroom Two SinksLakeville Master Bath Two Sinks

Luxurious Tub

Luxurious is such a personal definition, so decide what’s luxurious to you. Is it the new trendy stand-alone tubs, or an extra-large tub to fit two? Your space will help dictate what can and can’t be done, but Country Creek Builders as installed a multitude of tub styles, so we can present many options for you.

Gunderson master bath stand alone tubClaw Foot Bathtub

Multi-Head Shower

Lavish showers are all the rage right now. Extra large, walk-in showers, with custom high end tile, recessed shelving, benches and multiple shower heads are popping up in master bathroom remodels all over the country, not just in Minnesota. The set up can be as simple as an overhead and hand held fitting or multiple wall mount fixtures for that spa touch.

Multi Head ShowerMaster bath shower with multi head fixturesMulti Head Shower

Added bonus…Separate Toilet Room

If you have the space an added luxury is sure to be a separate toilet room. For shared master bathrooms, privacy is a luxury in and of itself. So go the extra mile and create a space specifically reserved for the most private of functions.

Do you have some bathroom must have ideas for your bathroom remodel? Call us at 952-484-9812 or visit our website. We would love to help you incorporate your unique ideas into the bathroom of your dreams.

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