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5 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

We’re all trying to find more storage ideas. We’re cramped enough as it is, but sometimes you don’t want to give up certain luxuries for space. Over the years we’ve included many unique bathroom storage ideas in our designs. We’re sharing a few here with you in hopes that it provides inspiration.

Recessed Shower Shelving

Recessed shower shelving is somewhat of the norm these days. However, not all of them have to be boring square boxes. We’ve added coordinating mosaics tile inlays for added interest. Instead of one big block, we’ve included additional shelving within the cut-out. We’ve also created specialized shapes to house specific items like large shampoo bottles or razors.

Storage-recessed shelfMultiple Shower nichesBathroom storage-nicheShower niche

Tower Cabinet

We’ve found that most master bathroom footprints cannot be altered as far as square footage. So when our clients need additional storage space we typically create a storage tower for them (if there is room). These are customized for every bathroom and function as additional cabinet space on top of the counter. They can be positioned at one end of the counter or in between two sinks. When including a tower in the bathroom design we work with each home owner to provide exactly what they are looking for.

Hoerster storage medicine towerBathroom storage towerBathroom storage tower2Bathroom Storage-corner tower

Linen Cabinet

Sometimes our clients are at a loss when there is no linen closet available but they absolutely crave extra storage. When the bathroom footprint allows, we create a linen cabinet. This is again customized cabinetry and can take on any style the homeowner desire. In these two examples they are floor to ceiling cabinets that match the vanity, giving the entire room a cohesive and custom look.

Bathroom storage-linen cabinet1Bathroom storage-linen cabinet2

Storage Bench

In a similar fashion to the custom linen cabinet, we design built-in storage benches when the bathroom footprint allows. In these two examples they are directly adjacent to the tub and include much needed storage drawers. Again, this type of element matches the vanities and/or other bathroom pieces for continuity.

Bathroom storage bench1Bathroom storage bench2

Recessed Magazine Rack

Do you enjoy reading in the bathroom? You don’t have to clutter the floor with a traditional magazine rack any longer. Just as you include recessed shelving for much needed shower accessories you can do the same near the commode. Adding a recessed magazine rack makes sense in using what would normally be a vacant wall.

Bathroom storage-recessed magazine rack

Country Creek Builders can design just about any type of bathroom storage you desire. And with the hundreds of bathroom remodels we’ve tackled over the years, chances are we’ve already done it. But…we always love creating something new. Visit our website for more inspiration. Then give us a call at 952-484-9812 and challenge us to create your unique storage space! You can see examples of our bathroom remodel projects that include storage, here.

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