Remodeling Your Kitchen for the Holidays

5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Holiday Ready

We are officially in the holiday season! Although this time of year can fly by or feel stressful for some, with proper planning you can allow yourself to enjoy a holiday ready kitchen while enjoying time with friends and family this joyful time of year.

Whether it is your first year of hosting the holidays in your brand new kitchen or hosting a professional gathering, the kitchen always becomes the heart of the home as friends and family gather on these special occasions. It is a used a place not only for cooking and baking, but a place for laughter, love, and great memories. It is not too late to ensure your kitchen is holiday ready. With the holiday season right around the corner, here are 5 ways to get your kitchen holiday ready:

  1. Update your lighting fixtures– Lighting sets the mood for your gathering and enhances the room. Lighting fixtures go through trends like anything else. It may be time to install some modern looking fixtures. Today’s modern fixtures combine design with function.
  2. Declutter your Countertops– Clearly the countertops not only look more appealing, but also make your kitchen appear larger.
  3. Tastefully Decorate– You do not have to worry about putting a decoration in every corner. Tastefully decorate your kitchen to appeal to any guest list. Hanging wreaths is a right way to add holiday cheer without taking up counter space. Use seasonally scented candles that fill your space with a sense of warmth. Bring out your holiday dishware to bring the holiday into everyone’s hands.
  4. Create an Open Concept– Open concepts are one of the most wanted features in a kitchen these days. Yes, this can be achieved in a remodel. However, you can do some adjustments to make your kitchen have the same feel. Removing extra seating/ barstools, pet equipment, or unused appliances of any size can open up your room. This can help the follow of traffic at your holiday gathering to create a more cohesive feel.
  5. Organize– Yes it sounds simple, but you can really take your organization to a new level with different tactics you have not tried before. Creating a designated drop zone, using drawer spacers, and purging expired foods keeps your kitchen in line. When you are organized, you will save yourself the time and stress of looking for last minute items during your holiday gathering.

There are many things you can do to get your kitchen ready for the holidays; it can be as big as a kitchen remodel or as small as incorporating clear containers. Although a kitchen remodel requires more resources, Country Creek Builders is happy to start the process with you to make sure you are hosting in your dream kitchen.

Contact us today to learn more about creating your ideal holiday friendly kitchen that will not only wow you, but your guests for years to come!! We are happy to discuss how we can make your kitchen stand out for any gathering! For more kitchen remodel ideas visit our website then call us at (952) 484-9812 to set up a time for us to meet and get your project started.

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