Kitchen Remodel Strategies

6 Kitchen Remodeling Strategies

Wondering how to get started with your kitchen remodel? Here are some strategies to think about to get the process started.

First and Foremost…Plan!

Meet with your contractor to discuss your needs…and your wants (as those are just as important). The two of you will come up with a design, timeline and budget. This part of the process typically takes about a month with Country Creek Builders. All this planning may seem like it takes forever, when all you want is your new dream kitchen, but it pays off in the end by helping you to stay on track and not make costly changes down the line.

The Footprint Matters

When you decide to remodel, the most important decision comes at the beginning…do you keep your same footprint or start fresh. Keeping the same footprint will save you money, no doubt. But does that footprint serve your cooking needs and family well now? If not, then it won’t perform any better with newer furnishings either. Talk with your contractor and look at all the options before deciding on which way to proceed. Then the fun begins!

Be Quality-Conscious

A kitchen remodel is a serious project that adds value to your home. Don’t skimp on low-quality products. You want your investment to stand the test of time, so think about functionality and durability when choosing your floor, cabinets, countertops and tile. Items like a stone or solid-surface counter top will cost more but with a little care they will look great for a long time to come.

Real Appliances

When it comes to appliances think about what you want vs what you need. Will you really use all 6 of the burners on that high end stove you love? Choose appliances that fit your cooking needs and lifestyle. Stainless steel appliances of the past may have looked great, but for a household with toddlers it was a nightmare to keep clean. However, stainless has come a long way now and offers a finger-print resistant coating. So look thoroughly and be real about your wants and needs. Then if you find you have the budget and the space, ad in your fun ideas, like a wine frig or warming drawer.

Think About Lighting

Don’t underestimate the power of lighting in your kitchen, or any room for that matter. Lighting makes space look larger and helps you function safely. There are two main types of lighting you should to address:

  • Ambient – Emitting a warm glow, this lighting is typically ceiling or wall mounted. Including a dimmer switch to control light intensity and mood is also a great option.
  • Task – As the names suggests, it’s dedicated to specific tasks and is a direct source like under-cabinet lighting or pendant lights above an island. Recess lighting is also ideal for inconspicuous but truly effective lighting. Task lighting can also be regulated by dimmers.


Everyone is always looking to add more storage. However, if you choose to maintain your same footprint, that might not be so easy. Here are a few ideas that could help in that scenario:

  • Taller Cabinets – install cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling. Sure they’ll cost more but you probably have the space, why not utilize it. Then use it for those items you don’t use very often, like your good china and stemware.
  • Additional Shelving – open shelving is all the rage now. Take advantage of unused wall space by hanging shelves. Here you can stack your cute cereal bowls, house your coffee mug collection or display the kids artwork. Either way your gaining storage without adding space.
  • Hooking it Up – hang hooks on the backs of cabinet or closet doors. Great for brooms, aprons, hand towels, etc.

Call Country Creek Builders today at 952-484-9812 for a consultation regarding your kitchen remodel or visit our website for examples of kitchen dreams we’ve helped bring to life.

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