Add A Pop Of Color To Your Next Painting Project

This fall, overcome your fear of color and add a painting pop to your next home improvement project!  Painting is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to change the appearance of your home.  Well placed color can place emphasis on one area of a room over another, change the feeling and mood of a space, or brighten an interior.  Bring color into your next project with one of these painting strategies.

  • Paint Interior Doors: Interior doors can serve as more than a functional way to close off space. They can also be used as a room’s visual focal point when painted a unique or unusual color.  While chocolate brown or black doors will best complement dark trim, bright colors such teal or magenta can add excitement to a room that is otherwise neutral.
  • Paint Ceilings: Like interior doors, ceilings are often forgotten when it comes time to consider where to paint next.  However, these vast white spaces serve as excellent blank pallets and are often the perfect place for color additions.  In an otherwise neutral room, a vivid and bright ceiling color can make for an exciting visual contrast.  Alternately, painting a ceiling the same color as the rest of the room can create an intimate and cozy effect.
  • Paint Nooks And Crannies: Paint the back of a built-in bookcase or a decorative shelf to add accent color to a room.  Not only will this draw a splash of color into your room, it will also provide a bright background for your shelf’s contents.
  • Paint An Accent Wall: Do you want to use a strong color but are afraid of overpowering your room?  Consider painting an accent wall.  Choose one wall to paint the brighter color and to serve as a visual backdrop for a key piece of furniture or a fixture – for example your bed, your sofa or your fireplace.

Are you ready to bring color into your home?  Contact Country Creek Builders for more remodeling and home improvement options!

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