Basement Remodeling Tips & Ideas

Now that Summer is underway and the hot weather has finally rolled in, you may be wishing that you could spend more quality time in that cool, underground basement of yours. Now is a great time to think about doing a complete basement remodel or taking on some serious renovations. The best way to map out your plans is to first figure out your vision. Try envisioning what purpose you want your basement to serve, and then base your construction around that.
Though it can be tempting to only think about your immediate needs and desires, as with any remodel, always try to think in the long-term before beginning your project. You may be single and looking for a swinging bachelor pad bar room right now, but perhaps in five years if you’re married and have kids that will no longer be appropriate and you’ll wind up having to redo all the work you’d already done.
Here are some of the most popular options for basement remodels:
1) Home theater/family den
Basements are a great place to create a cozy, comfortable, and soundproof place to watch television and movies. The minimal natural light makes for a perfect atmosphere and this way you have the option of keeping your main floor living room clear of unattractive TV and DVD cords and wires.
2) Home office
Quiet, cool, and removed from the chaos of the main floors, basement home offices are usually one of the best places to get some real work done efficiently and without interruption.
3) Workshop
Many people choose to use their garage as their workshop and storage place for tools and other machinery, but if you own cars and live in the city that may not always be possible. We all know the basement is great for storage, but putting in a worktable and bench can open up a whole number of possibilities.
4) Studio
Just like with the home office, the basement is a wonderful place for a painter, musician, photographer, or other artists to concentrate and get some work done. Putting the studio in the basement also allows you to let the room get a bit messier without worrying about it quite as much as you would if it were on the main floor and in plain sight.
5) Guest bedroom
You can almost never have too many bedrooms in a house. A nicely finished basement guest room is private and comfortable without being too removed. It also may be the perfect place for a teenager looking to seek a little independence while still remaining under the parent’s roof.
Always plan and ahead and always think long-term, but remember, no basement is hopeless and there is nothing that can’t be undone. Envision your perfect basement and make it happen, next summer you’ll be happy you did.
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