Bathroom Remodeling project in Farmington MN

bathroom remodeling contractor Farmington MNCountry Creek Builders recently finished a bathroom remodeling project in Farmington MN.  The old bathroom was completely gutted to the studs, the plumbing was re-routed, the electrical upgraded, a new bath tub and plumbing fixtures were installed.  A custom Bucak Light Walnut tiled shower and tub surround with frame-less heavy glass shower doors finished off this bathroom remodeling project.  The new Maple vanity and granite counter tops were complimented by adding two  matching mirror frames made out of Maple.  Because Country Creek Builders has become  your local experts on tile design and installation, we have had more bathroom remodeling projects this year then we could have every imagined.   Many homeowner’s are contacting us because they know  that their project will be finished professionally, on time, and at the cost agreed upon prior to starting.   The only time Country Creek charges extras is if the homeowner adds work to the project.  All of our tile work is done by Country Creek employees (along with the demo, framing, finish carpentry, painting and staining) – This gives us full control over the scheduling on your project.  We use Felder Electric from Lakeville – on all our jobs.  Kent and Garret are always ready to help our clients when it is time to wire their project. We use the same plumbing sub as well – Thanks Joe and Jeff of Boevaag Plumbing for always being there when needed!  By using the same subs on all our projects –  they know what we expect, and they know that keeping to the schedule is my #1 priority.

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Many homeowners’ make the mistake of hiring a handyman or unlicensed contractor for their home improvement projects.  This can lead to heartache.  I am not saying that there aren’t quality handyman companies out there – because I know that there are.  But  my advice to any homeowner that is considering hiring a contractor for their home improvement project  is to check out their work and their references.  If the company that your are considering hiring for a project does not have at least 50 references –  why?  If you ask to see their work – this potential company should be excited to let you see the projects that they have completed.  At Country Creek Builders, we have such an amazing relationship with our clients that many potential clients will contact out past clients and visit our finished projects.  We do not go along on these visits – that way you can  talk  freely and ask questions about their experience with  Country Creek Builders.  Any time a potential client has visited with our past clients – they have hired us!

As homeowners, you need to protect yourself during any home improvement project. I feel that homeowners  need to ask at least  the following 10 questions  before you hire any contractor.

  1. Do they provide a detailed estimate?

Country Creek Builders provides a 7 plus page estimate when bidding on your project.

2.        Do they provide a detailed contract?

Country Creek Builders provides a detailed contact that can be up to 20 pages long.  This is to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding what is being done, what is included (and what is not included) and exactly what  the cost and payment schedule will be.

3.        Do they have 50 plus references? (anybody can come up with 3-5 references)

4.        Are they a member of the BBB and what is their rating?

             Country Creek Builders is A+ rated

5.         Are they members of any professional groups?  NKBA, NARI, TCBA, ECT.

6.         Are they willing to give you the names and numbers of their suppliers?

You should call to verify that they pay their bills.  You do not want a lien filed on your home after the contractor is done.

7.         How many projects has this company done that are similar to yours?

8.         Do they provide a schedule for your project?

9.         Are they willing to promise a finished date?  (in writing)

10.      Will they pull the required permits on your project?

Another sign that you may be heading for trouble is if they are asking for a large upfront payment?  Never give more than 1/3 down on larger projects (over $10,000).  On a smaller project(less than $10,000) – it is normal and acceptable to give 50%.

Also, you should check the State of Minnesota  DOLI web site to ensure that they are licensed.

Click here for a quick link to the MN Department of Labor and Industry to verify a contractors license

Happy remodeling homeowners!