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Tile and Stonework in Remodeled Bath

Remodeled Bath

Though the holidays are officially over, paying off the holiday bills and sticking to your 2011 resolutions has only just begun. This can be a tough time to feel motivated to finally take on the bathroom remodel you’ve been planning, but don’t let it stop you. Not only do we give you detailed pricing up front so you know exactly what to expect at exactly what cost, we also promise to provide the highest quality workmanship at a fair price. We’re not satisfied with our work until you’re satisfied, and that confidence may be the best holiday gift of all.

That being said, don’t think that you have to spend a fortune to get a bathroom that looks and feels as new as that shiny toy sitting under the Christmas tree. We work on projects of all sizes and budgets, and sometimes even the simplest change can go an extremely long way. If your bathroom’s feeling a little dull but you can’t afford an entire remodel, consider a few of these tricks instead:

Pretty in Pink (or Sage, or Cerulean, or Ivory…)

Getting a professional paint job is one of the easiest ways to make your bathroom look tip-top without breaking the bank. Our team has years of experience with painting projects of all types, and we know how to guide you through every step of the process, from color scheme to accent walls. Save yourself the pain of messing around with that awful blue tape by letting us do a perfect job the first time instead.

Going the extra mile with stone and tile

Custom stone and tile work is one of our specialties and we’ve used our expertise to upgrade hundreds of bathrooms over the years. Whether you want to replace the stained, cracked tiles in your shower or add in some beautiful natural stone accents, we can do it all and guarantee that it will bring your bathroom to a level of sophistication and comfort you never thought possible.

Keeping water in its rightful place

No matter how beautiful your bathroom, if you have problems with leaks and stains it will never reach its full potential. We take great pride in our experience with water damage restoration and have helped numerous homeowners whose previous contractors didn’t fix the leaks for once and all. Giving you peace of mind is one of our most important goals, and being confident that your bathroom is leak-free is a great place to start.

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