Bathroom Tile Trends

This fall, turn your bathroom into your in-home retreat!  One way to update your bathroom while incorporating both unique materials and colors is through the use of tile.  Whether made of ceramic, porcelain, glass or stone, tiling is making a statement in this fall’s renovations.   Check out these up-and-coming trends to incorporate tile into your next home improvement:

  • Mixing It Up: Uniformity is no longer required.  Mixing and matching tile shapes, colors, materials, and textures can help to give your bathroom personality and panache!  Changing tile patterns can also help to highlight a key area of your space.  For example, a unique tile can be used to frame a mirror or other key focal point.
  • Metal Magic: Metal tile is becoming increasingly popular as a material that can complement both traditional and modern bathrooms.  Available in stainless steel or polished brass and in a multitude of shapes and sizes, metal tiles can add accent to a standard mosaic or be used to create a design in its entirety.
  • Wood Wonders: Faux-hardwood porcelain tiles are the newest emerging material.  Available in a variety of wood colors and grains, faux-wood tiles can be used to simulate virtually any type of wood from oak and maple to teak and mahogany.  While the porcelain’s natural resistance to moisture makes the tile appropriate for bathroom use, the tile’s finish is also much easier to care for than natural wood.
  • Glass Galore: Available in a myriad of colors and finishes, glass has become progressively commonplace for accentual use.  Glass tile is expected to continue to gain momentum as the tile of choice as new manufacturing techniques and setting materials emerge to give consumers even greater variety.  As an added bonus, many modern glass tiles are made from recycled glass.

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