Choosing The Right Kitchen Countertop

Choosing The Right Kitchen Countertop

When starting a kitchen remodel, there are many decisions affecting the overall design that need to be made. What kind of flooring should I use? What style of cabinet do I want? Should I go with an island, or not? What about tile for the backsplash? One of the most important decisions to be made is your choice of countertop. Countertops help set the tone for the entire kitchen, so making the right choice for your family is key. With so many options and styles to choose from it can be a daunting task for a client to make these decisions on their own. That is where Country Creek Builders and their design team come in. With their knowledge and expertise in the industry, guiding homeowners with these important remodeling decisions is a breeze. Homeowners can feel confident knowing that their dream kitchen is going to become a reality when Country Creek Builders is on the job.

One of the first planning questions that Country Creek Builders asks homeowners is what type of countertop they want for their kitchen remodel. When choosing your countertop material it is essential to consider several factors – which product has the best:  warranty, heat resistance, scratch resistance, repairability, and most importantly, overall maintenance. The choices range from laminate (least expensive) to quartz and granite (most expensive). Today’s laminates offer lots of color options, and are budget friendly.  Granite can be a little more costly, however this material ranks best for the majority of homeowners with regard to color options and heat resistance. Two good options that are in the middle of the pack are quartz and a solid surface (i.e. Corian). Quartz has the better warranty, better heat resistance, better scratch resistance and is maintenance free!

Once the material is chosen for the countertop, the next thing to consider is the type of finished edge desired. Depending on what style you are looking for, there are several different options. A classic and simple style would be the ‘standard eased edge’. A ‘standard eased edge’ alleviates a sharp edge and is typically used on laminate countertops. If an elegant finish and better defined border is what the homeowner wants, then a ‘beveled edge’ is perfect. Another option is a ‘bullnose edge’. This edge is curved along both the top and bottom to give it an even finish. The bullnose is flattering for any type of kitchen and is a great option for both a contemporary or traditional kitchen remodel. Other upsides to this countertop edge are ease of clean-up and safety for kids.  Another type of edge is ‘ogee’. ‘Ogee’ can be used for natural stone countertops as well as laminate. However, this type of edge adds extra depth so it will look best on kitchens that can accommodate a larger remodel.

Another factor to consider when choosing your countertop is routine care and maintenance. Laminate and solid surface countertops are the easiest to clean with just mild soap and water.  A quartz countertop is also easy to take care of with mild dish soap, water and a non-abrasive cloth. Granite can be cleaned with soap and water as well, but there are a few more use and care details that one must consider when selecting granite, such as: cleaning a spill before it can be absorbed by the granite, avoid use of acidic products, use of a cutting board during food prep to avoid damaging both your countertop and your knife, avoid putting raw meat directly on granite because the bacteria from the meat can seep into the pores of the granite, and finally, a recommended yearly application of a stone sealer.

As you can see, there are many important factors to consider when selecting the right countertop for your kitchen remodel: the type of material to fit your budget, the availability of colors, the type of finished edge, the expected overall use, and the amount of maintenance required to keep your investment in tip top shape. All of these decisions can be overwhelming! Let Country Creek Builders’ industry expertise guide you during the design process of your kitchen remodel. From countertops and beyond…we want you to have the kitchen of your dreams.

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