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Though repairing and remodeling houses is our passion, getting to know the people that live in those houses is what makes this business so rewarding. A house is only a home when there’s a family to call it that, right? Looking back on 2010 it’s amazing how many challenging and invigorating projects we’ve worked on, and how many interesting and unique people we’ve met through the process. Family has always been extremely important to us (we are family owned and operated, after all!) and so it follows that the communities where our client’s families live should also be extremely important to us. The majority of clients we work with live in Lakeville, Prior Lake, Burnsville, Eagan, Farmington (pretty much the south metro), and in 2011 we’d like to do more to keep you in touch with those communities with specialized blog updates every once in a while.

To get the community conversation started, here are a couple fun Prior Lake events coming up in January:

Elmo at the Target Center, January 20th

Perhaps the greatest thing about Sesame Street is that, while obviously targeted towards tots, everyone can enjoy it no matter what your age. For a wonderful day of family fun join your fellow Prior Lake neighbors on a trip to the Target Center organized by the City of Prior Lake Recreation Department. The bus leaves at 9:15am from the Prior Lake Library and will return around 1pm.

Teen Hang-out, January 28th

If Sesame Street isn’t quite what your older kids are looking for on a Friday afternoon, consider dropping them off next to the library at Club Prior for some after school fun from 2:30-5pm. The event is free and will feature pool games, Wii, and Dance Dance Revolution among other activities.

For details and more information about upcoming Prior Lake events, check out the official Prior Lake Parks and Recreation website

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