Country Creek Builders repairs water damage on this Eden Prairie MN home

The Country Creek Builders team was ready to assist this Eden Prairie homeowner when they needed to have four inoperable windows replaced.  Marvin Integrity windows were custom-made to fit the exact existing opening.  Once we had the exterior siding off, water damage was discovered.  No worries – Country Creek Builders kept going – purchasing new lumber and exterior sheathing – removing the water-damaged framing, installing new framing, and installing the new windows – and working until 7:30 at night to get the job done.    Country Creek Builders pan flashed the window openings with Dupont Flex wrap sill pan flashing.  Once the flex-wrap was installed, we installed the windows and then taped the exterior with Tyvek window tape – the proper way to install this product (or any window tape) is to tape both sides, then tape the top – BUT do not install tape on the bottom of the window.  This allows any water that might get into the window – to drain out the bottom. After installing new siding – the exterior of the home was ready for paint.

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