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Design Features for a Basement Bar

Wine or cocktail? Bottled craft beer or draft? Whatever you like to drink having a basement bar can be one of your home’s best entertaining spaces. And while it creates extra resale value down the road, the value it brings you now while you enjoy it means even more. Let’s take a look at some basement bar design features we feel are necessary and also those that are great to have, should you have the space and budget. These are proven elements that we work with on almost every home bar/entertaining area that we install in a basement finishing project.



It goes without saying that you need space to craft your cocktails, pour your beer and serve your guests. Simple bars combine the workspace and serving space in one countertop, while more complex designs can offer separate prep space on a lower level or even behind the bar with an extra unit.

Basement Bar Workspace

Glassware Storage

Wine or martini glasses can hang from racks above the bar or on the back cabinet. Other cocktail and beer glassware can be stored in cabinets under and/or behind the bar. Tip – storing glasses upside-down helps keep them from collecting dust.

Basement Bar Wine Glass Storage

Bottle Storage

You’ve seen examples of some of our creative wine rack ideas on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter), and while we love including wine racks in our bar designs we do consider a space for bottle storage a must. Bottles of varying sizes pose a challenge but properly shelved cabinets can do the trick. These storage options help keep your bar looking tidy and organized.

Basement Bar Bottle Storage

Great to Have

Seating Space

If you have the room, seating is a great option for your basement bar. It provides a separate area to hang out, chat and even play cards. Just put some thought into the types and spacing of the seats. You want to have enough room to walk around them.

Basement Bar Seating



Not all bars have plumbing but if you are lucky enough to be able to run the lines, having a sink is an added convenience. Being able to wash your glasses (and dishes) right there at the bar, saves you the time and hassle of running them up and down, to and from your kitchen.

Basement Bar Sink

Refrigerator/Beverage Station/Appliances

Many beverages are served chilled or cold, like white wine, beer and even mixers. It’s extremely advantageous to have a mini-frig or beverage station if you have the space. If you can spare additional space some people love the idea of including a full kitchen (minus the stove) in their bar area. This often times includes a sink, full size refrigerator – great for storing garnishes, snacks and soft drinks – and a dishwasher.

Basement Bar Kitchen

Country Creek Builders can help you design and create the basement bar you’ve been dreaming of. Call us at 952-484-9812 or visit our website for more information. You can see examples of our basement finishing projects that include bars, here.

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