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Finishing Ideas for Your Basement

Before remodeling a basement there are a few key steps to take to make sure that your finished product is the best it can be.
1. Work with your contractor to assure your basement is dry and free of cracks that can allow water to ruin your future living space
2. Decide on a budget

Once you and your contractor have finalized your plans, the fun begins on your basement refinishing project. But, how are you going to use your space? In the design process, this is where you discuss your wants, needs and options with your contractor. If your contractor is like Country Creek Builders, they have finished hundreds of basements and their design service can help you with your overall plans and layout options. So, what do you have in mind? Here are a few ideas to get you on your way.

Man Cave

A man cave is probably the first thought that comes to mind when you talk about finishing a basement. The idea behind a man cave is to escape everyday demands and relax. So, when finishing your basement as a man cave, include items that make the space all about you. That could mean a large flat-screen TV for watching sports, or a pool table and dart board for gamers. However, a man cave could also certainly be for ‘her’, so another option could include a craft room with ample workspace and storage.

Home Theater

Basements are perfect for home theaters as they are away from noise and disruptions. Be sure to think about comfortable seating, appropriate lighting, and sound. Cabinetry is also a good idea for storage. You can also include fun items like a popcorn machine, a beverage frig or mini-bar.

Bedroom or Apartment

Some homeowners even purchase a home due to the outside access of the basement. This allows for potential income when the basement is finished as a full apartment. Details for a kitchen and bath need to be incorporated into the initial design and considered into the budget as these can be the bulk of the finishing cost. However, simply adding an additional bedroom is a great idea for guests or an older child that just needs some space.

Home Office

As work-from-home options are gaining popularity, a great use of basement space is for a home office. What you need but don’t have access to on the main or upper floors you can easily create on a lower level. Don’t worry if you don’t have any or minimal natural light in the basement. Artificial light is a perfect substitute.

Children’s Playroom

Placing the mess and bulk of children’s toys out of sight, is probably the best use of a basement. Creating a stimulating and fun atmosphere will help keep children occupied and the mess away from the main living area. An abundance of storage is the main consideration in this scenario.

Bar/Entertainment Area

Total entertainment is probably the most popular request we get at Country Creek Builders, when it comes to finishing a basement. Most of our clients simply want an escape room away from the main living. It’s additional space that is perfect for party overflow—or used as the main focal point of a party. The most common elements requested in a basement finishing project are bars, fireplaces, storage, and entertainment value such as large screen tvs, game tables and reading nooks.

No matter what your ideas are for your basement finishing project, Country Creek Builders can help. We love partnering with clients to dream up creative uses for their basement spaces. Visit our website for more ideas on our finished basements, and then call us at 952-484-9812 to set up a time for us to meet to discuss your ideas.

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