Give Homeowners What They Want

Give Homeowners What They Want

Country Creek Builders will meet with their customers to find out exactly what they want in their remodel. Basements, Kitchens, Master Bathrooms – we’ve got you covered. Sometimes customers need a little guidance, which is okay. Times are changing and homeowners want their new spaces on point with current trends, and that’s where Country Creek Builders comes in.

So what different features do homeowners want in their master bathroom? It isn’t what you think – such as a walk in closet or an elaborate shower/tub. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) conducted a survey asking ‘what is the #1 essential feature for a bathroom?’, and the result is definitely interesting!  Approximately 78%, or 4 out 5, want a linen closet in their master bathroom.

Here are some helpful tips on organizing a linen closet so you get the most benefit from using it:

  • Organize and sort items by category
  • Use baskets and bins to store and separate linens and other items.
  • Store sheets with matching color pillowcases.
  • Label your boxes and bins so you can quickly identify what they contain.
  • Line the shelving in order to maintain the quality of the sheets and towels

When starting the remodeling process with Country Creek Builders, meeting with their in-house design team can help you decide where you would like to place the closet, what size you need and preferred inside options for optimal organization of the new space.

The study also determined that a shower stall and tub, and double vanity were the second and third main wants for a master bathroom.

Even though a single vanity is still stylish, more and more homeowners are opting for a double vanity when remodeling their master bathroom.  There are many benefits to having a double vanity that certainly outweigh a single vanity. Except for having more to clean, a double vanity can really improve the look of the master bathroom. Having extra storage space for personal items is a definite convenience along with more room to get ready for work, an evening out or for bedtime routines.

Working with the in-house design team can help you make decisions on what type of vanity will look best. There are so many different options to choose from – for example: there are wall mounted or freestanding vanities which have become increasingly popular.  Which option you go with can depend on how much floor space is available. Also, be sure to look at the sink options when checking out what vanities will work best. People are choosing more modern options such as a freestanding bowl.

The other amenity that made the list was an obvious one – a separate shower stall and tub. Again, there are so many different options to choose from! The design team at CCB will help you look at the new layout for your remodel to determine if the new space can accommodate a shower separated from the tub. Country Creek Builders has even created an area in the bathroom where both are in the same space. This is a great option and can really give your master bath a unique and modernized feel. As you can see from some of the pictures, putting the shower and tub in the same space creates a beautiful atmosphere and looks amazing!

Country Creek Builders prides themselves in listening carefully to their clients in order to create their dream remodel. Whether it is a basement, kitchen or master bathroom you will see your dream space transform from a design on paper to a beautiful new addition to your home!

Let us help you take the next step with your home remodel. Contact Country Creek Builders today to get the process started.

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