Hot, Hot Summer. Hot, Hot Paint Colors.

We waited for months and months, slogging through one of the longest, harshest, most unforgiving winters in recent years; and still after all that this summer has been a little, well, sluggish. First it took forever to actually warm up, then when it did it went from zero to sixty in ten seconds, with temperatures shooting from the mid 50s to over 100 in a matter of days. Since then it’s been a day to day ride, and it’s left us a little tired to say the least.

If you’re also feeling the weight of this very schizophrenic season, try letting your indoor life add a little punch to your outdoors drain. Painting a room with a splash of fun color can brighten your entire summer in mere hours, and HGTV has a few trendy hue ideas for you.

Here are four of our favorites:

Hot Pink may be decidedly girly, but contrasting it with sharp whites and blacks is edgy, pretty, and a little bit punk all at the same time.

Turquoise was Pantone’s 2010 color of the year and for good reason. This gender-neutral shade of blue gives a pop to any placid area. Trying pairing it with a bright red for an updated retro feel.

Yellow is the quintessential summer color. Sun, mangoes, bananas, and golden fields of wheat, doesn’t get much happier than that.

Ocean Blue is both bold and calming at the same time. It has the strength to get your attention but won’t overwhelm you like the more electric shades. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be reminded of the ocean every time you step into the living room?

Visit HGTV’s website for summer color ideas and a beautiful photo gallery.

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