Is Your Home SMART?

Is Your Home SMART?

Home technology has come a long way.  Now homeowners want everything to be simple. From controlling the thermostat to knowing what is inside the refrigerator simply by touching a screen life is made easier with a smart home. Today’s technology options  help with energy efficiency, security, convenience and comfort and the convenience of being able to control all this right from their phone with apps designed  to control this technology.

One of the first changes that homeowners make when changing to a smart home is the thermostat. This is the most logical step since every home has one.  Over the last couple of years with the increase of in-home Wi-Fi and smartphones with apps to control this technology more people are adding this technology to their home.  With the options to control what’s cooled, what’s heated and when gives homeowners the convenience of being able to control their own comfort. Image being away from home all day on a frigid cold day; you can turn down the heat slightly to save on energy but use your phone and the app to increase the heat to a comfortable temperature while on the way home. You will be walking into a nice toasty home instead of a cold one. How awesome is that?

When planning your basement remodel with Country Creek Builders, there are many options to creating an area dedicated to an in-home theater. Country Creek Builders’ in-house design team can help you make that space a reality. Once that has been figured out, technology now comes into play. There are many options to creating a cinema atmosphere. Larger flat screen TVs are very popular, however the speaker systems don’t always provide the sound quality homeowners are looking for.  One option to consider is placing soundbars. These slim speaker options provide surround sound and everything you need is in one box. Imagine sitting in a movie theater like atmosphere from the comfort of your own home! Maybe buy a popcorn making machine than it would really have that movie theater feel.

Homeowners always have a list of items they want changed for a kitchen remodel; however one of the main changes they should be considering is creating a kitchen full of technological appliances and fancy gadgets. There are so many fun items that make your appliances smarter. Kitchens are a gathering place where friends and family mingle so who wouldn’t want appliances that do things with the touch of a remote or verbal command. There are many price ranges for smart appliances and gadgets that homeowners can choose from.  Let’s talk appliances. Now there are refrigerators that have a touchscreen, cameras to see inside and a voice command shopping list. How about a voice command faucet? Who wouldn’t want to voice command faucet that can change the water temperature? Of course these are some higher end appliances that someone could add to their wish list.

Home security has come a long way over the years when most people had a hard-wired system and keypad when entering or leaving their home. These old systems are not very efficient when compared to the systems of today. Now homeowners can use their smartphone to turn off and on the system. Plus they can check inside the house via video and make sure that they garage door is closed.  All of these new security systems give homeowners piece of mind even when they are not at home.

With so many different technical options on the market, it is important to research exactly what you want before installing any device.  Make sure that it does everything that you want and creates the easy lifestyle that you intended.

Country Creek Builders can help you create the remodeling project of your dreams. Whether it is the bathroom, kitchen or basement, their in-house design team can help you make the right choices to help make your dream a reality. Contact us today to get the process started or call us at (952) 484-9812.

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