Lakeville, MN Fire Damage Restoration and Reconstruction

On January 23rd, Country Creek Builders received a call from a distressed Lakeville Homeowner whose home had extensive fire damage. The fire started in the garage and spread to the gable end of the house and into the attic. There also was an extensive amount of water damage from the fire department extinguishing the fire. This home was only 10-months old at the time of the fire.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

Due to the extensive damage to this home; Country Creek Builders had several onsite meetings with the insurance adjuster and sub-contractors in order to determine the cost to bring this home back to its original condition. Country Creek Builders has extensive experience working with insurance companies and dealing with the claims process. It is our responsibility to ensure the homeowner gets 100% of what is needed to bring their home back to its original condition. We work for the homeowner, not the insurance company.

The Demolition of a Fire Damaged Property

Country Creek Builders started the demo on Feb 15th. The demo included removing the third stall garage walls, main floor exterior wall framing, upper-level exterior wall framing; removing shingles from the roof; removing roof sheathing; removing 14 roof trusses; removing all of the interior flooring and carpet; completely gutting two bathrooms; removing all of the sheet rock on the upper level area of the house; removing all of the attic insulation; remove fire damaged siding and windows. The electrical panel was in the garage, so a good portion of the house had to be re-wired. Two bathrooms required plumbing work as well. Country Creek Builders filled seven 30 Yard dumpsters with the debris.


Country Creek Builders had to demo from the top down, and then rebuild from the bottom up. This required building temporary support walls in order to replace a large girder truss that was supporting the upper levels. Each damaged roof truss had to be cut apart in order to remove them. After all of the walls were rebuilt, we had to use a crane to lift the new trusses in place. Once the trusses were in place, new sheathing and shingles were installed. The siding was replaced along with the soffit and fascia material. Once the house was weather tight; The house was re-wired; insulated and then sheet rocked.

Smoke Damage

With any fire loss, a major concern is the ensure that the smoke smell does not return after the repairs have been completed. Country Creek Builders had an Ice Blasting company come in and blast all of the trusses and sheathing in the attic. This process removed any smoke damage on the trusses and sheathing that was not replaced. Country Creek Builders then sprayed over 60 gallons of a fire blocking oil based primer throughout the attic. Every Truss and all of the underside of the sheathing had to be covered. We then painted a fire blocking oil based primer on all of the walls and ceilings throughout the house. The cost of the primer and paint to remove the smell was over $ 6,000.00, this was money well spent. After the primer was dry, we then painted all the walls.

Final Finishes

After all of the painting was completed; Country Creek Builders installed all new wood floors in the kitchen, dining room, pantry, mud room and front foyer. We then installed new interior doors and trim; installed cabinetry and countertops. The carpet was then installed and the final touches were completed on the interior of the home. Country Creek Builders also had to regrade the side and back yard, repair the sprinkler system and then place new sod. The yard was damaged due to the equipment used to rebuild the home.

Experience Does Matter

Country Creek Builders started this project on February 15th, and the homeowners moved back into their home on June 9th. Country Creek Builders completed all of the repairs to this home in 114 days. Country Creek Builders has experienced employees and amazing sub-contractors. Experience does matter. Working with the same subcontractors for years and a very dependable lumber yard helped move this project along.

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