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Below is a review from a homeowner in Lakeville.  Jeff filled out this review on Angies List.

Complete demo and remodel of Master Bath.  Removal of whirlpool, shower, commode, sink, countertops, walls, repositioning of entry door, reconfiguration of plumbing lines, running new circuit and all associated installation of new materials.
Member Comments:
Dan Drenckhahn, owner, is professional, detailed, precise and a pleasure to work with.  I told him I wanted transparency in pricing so that when I decided to change out a fixture I knew exactly how the new cost would be calculated.  Unlike many of the other estimates I got, this estimate was extremely detailed. While the “one-stop-shop” design centers make it a bit easier in picking out product, their selection is limited and pricing is often concealed.  It was a hassel running around to different providers, (granite, plumbing, electrical, tile, cabinets, paint), but each provider that Dan directed us to was professional and very helpful.
The crew is led by his son and is wonderful.  With any major construction project there will be changes and impromptu decisions that need to be made.  The crew was patient and helpful. More importantly – they were intelligent and creative.  They offered ideas gained from experience on other jobs and were comfortable making suggestions, many of which we gladly accepted.
The crew was neat and respectful and took great pains to install dust barriers, (something other contractors I’ve had in my home promised but didn’t deliver on), closed off vents, protected rugs and, though impossible to completely eliminate, minimized the disrutption to the maximum extent possible.  The workmanship was very good – corners mitered well, little details that make the job.  The crew went so far as to sort through a box of natural stone tiles to select those tiles that would be complementary to each other, making the adjacent tiles flow together.
We were given a detailed three week schedule and for the most part, they stuck to that schedule. There were some delays, caused by our changes or supplier delivery issues, but they treated the schedule as sacred.  They showed up every day and typically worked a full 8 hours, if not 10.
Sub-contractors are used for plumbing and electrical.  It is readily apparent that these subs do a great deal of work for Country Creek and clearly respect working with Dan and his crew.
Three change orders were required on the job and the costs were clearly outlined.  I never felt that changes were being used as an opportunity to increase profit.
We are not normally comfortable allowing complete unsupervised access to our home but never felt a need for concern or worry with the Country Creek staff.
Jeff  H
Lakeville, MN  55044

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