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Practice Your Passions in a Remodeled Basement

Practice Your Passions in a Remodeled Basement

A new year (and a new decade) mean a new chance to reconnect with the hobbies that make you happy. If you spent 2019 wishing you had more space to do the things you love, then 2020 is your year to make it happen. Think of a basement remodel as your ultimate resolution: more space, more freedom, more experiences.

At Country Creek Builders, our expert team has turned old, undesirable basements into places that homeowners fall head over heels in love with. Most importantly, we want your finished basement to not only provide significant value down the line, but to make your days extraordinary in the meantime.

Indoor Oasis

Is there a certain passion that you’ve lost touch with over the years? Did you give up a hobby when you moved into your home because you didn’t have enough space to do it? With a remodeled basement by Country Creek Builders, you can finally spread out and welcome your favorite things back into your life.

We ensure that the wide open area in your basement is designed for ultimate comfort, so you have the perfect place to do whatever it is you enjoy — whether it’s practice your poker game or finish a painting. You can enjoy features like a wet bar with a tile floor, upgraded cabinetry, and a snack bar while you do what you love. 

Optimal Coziness

During the cold Minnesota winters, you deserve a space all to yourself to leverage every moment of your free time. With Oscar season coming up, are you thinking about hosting a themed movie night or awards show screening? Do you enjoy having your friends over for college football games with drinks and appetizers?

One of the best parts about having an abundant, private space is that you can share it with others. With one of our gorgeous linear fireplaces, your family and friends will always be as comfortable as possible — no matter how cold it gets outside. Enjoy your watch party, game night, book club, and everything in between in style.

The Perfect Complement

Every great space needs a great bathroom to go with it. When it comes to your remodeled basement, you need a bathroom that’s equally as modern, comfortable, and stylish. This way, whether you’re discovering a new hobby or simply working from home, you truly have the ideal space you need to enjoy yourself. 

With features like upgraded-tile showers, tile floors, and walls with upgraded deco accent tile, your bathroom will almost take the spotlight from the rest of the basement. Come out feeling rejuvenated and dive right back into whatever it is you were doing. There’s simply no better complement to a beautiful basement. 

Minnesota Basement Remodel Contractors

If you’re ready to expose the full potential of your existing space this winter, our whole team is ready to meet you where you are. We can’t wait to make your home remodeling dreams come true! Take a look at our ​basement​ inspiration and give us a call at 952-484-9812 to set up a consultation. 

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