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Remodeling Your Bathroom: Summer Bathroom Trends 2019

There’s something about a beautiful bathroom that adds a little bit of magic to the rest of your home. No matter what you’ve always dreamed of for this intimate, personal room, a bathroom remodel with the right team can make it a reality. Next to your kitchen, remodeling your bathroom offers the highest return on investment later on, and provides you with a personalized room that fits you and your preferences best in the present.

If you’ve been thinking about changing the look of all or one of your bathrooms, Country Creek Builders is your friendly expert next door. From beautiful tile floors to granite/quartz countertops, our remodeling team will walk you through all of your options to create the exact appearance you want at a price that’s fair. Take a look at a few of our favorite design trends of 2019 and get inspired to update your bathrooms your way.

Bathroom Interior Design Trends

Unique Tile

In bathrooms, the use of trendy tiles is nothing new. But long, skinny tiles are now making their way into the spotlight (and they’re pretty easy on the eyes…) This trend is both classic and innovative at the same time, bringing a lasting look to your contemporary bathroom. 

Free-Standing or Drop-In Tub

There’s nothing quite like a luxurious tub to help you enter a state of calm. Both our free-standing and drop-in tubs add elegance to any bathroom and provide you with the ability to truly relax on your own time. Whichever look you prefer, a high-end tub turns every day into a spa day.


Although wallpaper in bathrooms may seem like a retro trend, the truth is that this accessory is making a big comeback. A vibrant, striking print shows off an artistic eye for design and adds your personality to this frequently visited room. Best of all, trendy wallpaper “sticks” for years to come. 

Double Vanity

You know that two is better than one, but it’s especially true in terms of vanities. Because the bathroom is your personal sanctuary, you deserve your own space if you share it with a partner. Two vanities increase storage and let you keep your things where you want them, while creating a more upscale vibe. 

Be Bold

In 2019, nothing’s more In-style than boldness, and nothing says “bold” quite like the color black… Make your bathroom equal parts sleek and sultry with black walls and black accessories. The all-black look creates a spa-like vibe, which adds even more luxury and appeal to your home. 

Tiled Shower with Bench

You either start or end your day with a relaxing shower, so it’s safe to say that this space in your bathroom deserves as much attention as possible. Our gorgeous tiled showers with benches aren’t just classy and chic, they allow for the utmost comfort every single time — because what else could be more In-style now and in the future than feeling good? 

Mirror On the Wall

Last but not least, your bathroom’s mirror, AKA the focal point of the entire room. Plain, classic mirrors always do the job, but don’t be afraid to embrace modern flair. A “statement mirror” that’s in style can do wonders for the space and keep it looking fresh for years to come.

This summer, we’re here to help make all of your bathroom design dreams come true. With a modern, appealing bathroom, you have the space that suits you best and the space that’s easy to sell in the future. From all of us at Country Creek Builders, happy designing!

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