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Remodeling Your Kitchen: Summer Kitchen Trends 2019

Family dinners, holiday brunches, new recipes, morning coffee… there’s no place in the world as warm as your kitchen. You know this room as the heart of the home, which means a remodel requires a team who understands that comfort is just as important as style and quality. A beautiful, updated kitchen not only keeps you happy in the years to come, it provides you with the highest return on investment down the road.

If you’ve been thinking about changing the look and feel of your kitchen, Country Creek Builders is your trusted remodeler next door. From beautiful tile backsplash to premium granite countertops, our friendly and knowledgeable team will walk you through your options to create the exact appearance you want at a price that’s fair. Take a look at a few top design trends of 2019 and get inspired to update your kitchen your way.

Upgraded Cabinetry: From your dishware to your decor to your groceries, your kitchen’s cabinetry plays a big role in the function of the room. With upgraded cabinetry that comes with features like maple melamine interiors and inset doors and drawers, your beautiful kitchen reflects modern taste and style. 

Let There Be Color: Black and white may be all the rage in kitchens right now, but a little bit of color never goes out of style… Add pops of bright hues to your space, whether it be an eye-catching piece of furniture or decor pieces on your countertops, for a little bit of eccentricity in the middle of your sleek, modern room.

Premium Granite Countertops: There’s something to be said about the sight of granite countertops when you walk into your kitchen; they’re stylish, on trend, and all-around pleasant to look at. Make sure your kitchen looks as good as you want to feel in it — premium granite countertops make the magic happen.

Curated Feel: With the popularity of open shelving, curated pieces in your home are now more in than ever. Display your all-time favorites pieces, from crocks to vases, and watch your kitchen come to life with a cozy, contemporary vibe. This design strategy brings your personality to light and keeps your kitchen timeless.

Tile Backsplash: While tile backsplash isn’t a new concept in kitchens, a fresh, updated version by the right remodeling team can do wonders for the entire feel of the room. Sophisticated and contemporary, a beautiful backsplash keeps any kitchen up-to-date, appealing, and easy to love.
All of us at Country Creek Builders are excited to help bring your dream kitchen design to life! A kitchen remodel will fit your preferences perfectly while providing a timeless, easy-to-sell space in the future. From all of us at Country Creek Builders, happy designing!

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