Deb Zackery

In the spring of 2015, I began the search for a builder that could design and build a handicap accessible addition to my home that would create a first floor leaving space for my mother.  I joined Angie’s List specifically to help me in the search process.  I interviewed several builders all with Super Service Awards and began reading the comments of previous customers looking for someone that had a successful experience with a project similar to the one I had in mind.   Daniel Drenckhahn’s approach to the project from the very first was different from the previous builders I had interviewed.  He listened to everything on my ‘wish list’ for the project and had ideas of on ways we could consider to reach each one.  Within a week I had a copy of the initial bid and we moved forward to design planning.  We spent 2-3 weeks working on design and were ready to submit the plans for city approval in late October.  We received approval the beginning of Thanksgiving week and therefore started the following Monday.

This is the third time I have worked with a contractor on new construction and this was the least stressful experience I have ever had.  Let me give some specifics that made that a reality.

Accurate detailed estimate – The detail and the specifics of the bid let me know exactly what I was paying for and options for changes.  When compared to the prices quoted by other builders Country Creek Builders was competitive and included details that other contractors did not know to consider.

Subcontractors – A list of businesses and contact people was provided for each subcontractor I needed to visit to choose things like plumbing, cabinets, paint, counter tops and carpet etc.  I would introduce myself as working with Country Creek Builders and each subcontractor volunteered as we worked that they worked with a number of builders and if they needed work on their home they would call Country Creek.

Standard of excellence – Every member of the building team worked tirelessly to maintain a level of excellence that shows in the finished product. We consistently get comments of the quality of the work completed. Routinely they would explain there were standards of the field, standards of the building codes. Country Creek standards routinely exceeded those required by both.

Attention to detail – every subcontractor reviewed their work with Daniel Drenckhahn before ending their step in the process.  A member of the building team was present to review the work with each city inspection.

Building permit – understood the process for Eagan and arranged everything from the initial building approval, periodic inspections and final inspection so that the approvals occurred within in a day or two of when needed and construction was not delayed.

Maintained a clean job site– before leaving each day all debris for construction was removed.  No dumpster sat out in from of my house.  Each subcontractor was responsible for his own debris.

Skill in workmanship– Every worker on the project was an expert at what they did. From digging the foundation, framing, installing tile, insolation, painting and staining, heating, counter tops or cabinets there is not a flaw.  When options were considered the advantages and disadvantages of each was explained.

On time or early from day one – We started construction the Monday after Thanksgiving.  The crew arrived at sunup and worked to sundown until the project was completed.  They kept me informed daily of the building schedule, inspections and deliveries.

Communication – I never had to ask for an update because by phone, in person or email they kept me informed.  We made continuous progress and the family conversation about the project went from ‘What are they going to do tomorrow?’ to ‘What did they do today?’  The teams list of completed worked was always longer than I thought they would accomplish in a day.  Every question about the project was answered or addressed promptly.

Honesty, professionalism and determination to make the finished product the best it can be makes the decision to hire Country Creek Builders one of the best decisions you could make.

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