Yemisi Emiola

Like most homeowners, the prospect of any construction is terrifying, especially when you have to live in the house while it’s ongoing. Thankfully, my experience was nothing like that because I was smart enough to hire Dan Drenckhahn and Country Creek Builders (CCB). Dan must have insight into every bad thing that people fear about construction, because he makes sure that he and his team do the exact opposite. My situation was uniquely challenging because I initiated this project while I lived in another state… If you’ve ever tried to modify a home you’ve never even set foot in, please take my advice and don’t do it. Or if you do–get CCB to help! I will also say that on the spectrum of client temperaments, I’m probably pretty difficult because I have pretty high standards and pay attention to minute details. Fortunately, Dan has similar expectations of his team and the quality of his work — I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Here’s a breakdown of my experience… PRE-CONTRACT There are a number of reasons that I chose CCB. The first is Dan’s immediate follow-up to my quote request, the second is his professionalism and communication style, the third is his timeliness. Within two weeks of our initial conversation, Dan visited my home site, took measurements, proposed some initial designs and provided a complete, line-item budget for the project. CCB was one of three firms that I contacted, but only two followed up, and ONLY Dan followed through with the level of detail I needed to make a decision. DURING THE PROJECT: Project Management — In addition to my initial project, I had an *insane* number of smaller one-off projects that I needed assistance with because we needed to modify the home to suit my family’s special needs. I also did some “design on the fly” changes because of what I saw when I was actually living in the space. Not only did Dan find a way to incorporate these tasks into our timeline (even those that popped up at the last minute), he was able to schedule his team to accommodate my family’s needs and concerns while keeping the bigger project on track. Communication — Beyond the Builder Trend timeline app, Dan was also in communication with me almost every day. I always knew exactly what was happening, what was going to happen next, and when I needed to make decisions to keep the project on track. Dan’s son was my project manager and he was on site almost every day, while the rest of the team cycled through as needed. We were always treated with respect, both in the way we were spoken to and in what was communicated. For almost every single step and by almost every single contractor, I was asked if I was happy with the work that was being done. If something wasn’t what I wanted, they didn’t hesitate to fix it right away. Quality — Without question, CCB holds themselves to a level of excellence that shows. From the team’s workmanship to the quality of the materials to their followup on minor details — this is a firm that does high quality work and stands by it. When making an investment of this size, it’s also reassuring to know that if there’s ever an issue, Dan and CCB will honor their warranty and resolve it to my satisfaction. Budget — I eventually got a competitive bid before I contracted with CCB, so I do know that they are not the lowest priced firm out there; however, I can say with confidence that you get what you pay for. When you work with CCB, you’re getting a higher quality of work, respectful/timely communication, and most importantly–peace of mind that you’re being dealt with honestly and fairly. POST-PROJECT: Dan already sent his team out to fix two minor issues that occurred after we wrapped the project. Communication was quick, easy, and the problems were fixed in a timely fashion. Hooray for peace of mind! I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Dan and CCB again–they helped make this new house a home for my family.

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