The Benefits of a Basement Bathroom

The Benefits of a Basement Bathroom

When you start planning your basement remodel with Country Creek Builders, you want to make certain that there are aspects of the basement that get incorporated into the design. The remodel must include a bar area, T.V. area and gaming area but what about a bathroom? That is a key element to the remodel that should be considered.

So what are the advantages of a basement bathroom?

One of the most obvious is functionality for your basement. Whether you have overnight guests or just a night with friends, the convenience of having a full functioning bathroom can make life easier.  For families with children, a bathroom in the basement can help provide an easy way to handle bathroom needs. No one needs to keep running up and down the stairs!

Another bonus to having a bathroom put in or remodeled can help with the updating of your current downstairs. This can help motivate homeowners to remodel the full basement to create a more inviting and livable space.

Adding value to your home is another benefit. Even if you do not have plans to sell your home, an updated bathroom can help increase the value of your house. One of the main reasons people want to move is because their living space is too small, especially if there are changes within the family. Creating a bathroom space that you love in the basement can make your home feel like there is more livable space.  If you decide to sell your home in the future, having an additional bathroom downstairs, especially if it is part of a remodeled basement, can increase the actual value of your home.

If you are a person that likes to host out of town family and friends than this extra bathroom can ease some of the inconvenience and stress of sharing the bathrooms. Providing a stress free environment for your house guests will make them feel right at home.

When starting the planning process for the remodeling of your basement, have a discussion with Country Creek Builders as to what you envision as the finished product. Do you want that basement space to be fully functional as a living space? If so, consider putting in a full bath with all the luxuries, such a shower and tub. If the basement is a recreational area than consider putting in a half bath. No matter which option you decide on, Country Creek Builders will guide you through the whole process.

Country Creek Builders and their in-house design team can help you create the bathroom that meets all of your needs and specifications.  Contact us today and let’s get your remodeling project started.

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