The Great Minnesota Thaw: Friend or Foe?

Every year following the Great Minnesota Freeze comes that time we all simultaneously love and dread, the Great Minnesota Thaw. There’s the nice side—birds chirping, buds opening. And then there’s the not so nice side—rain pouring, snow melting, and tornado sirens howling. Water damage from spring flooding and ice dam runoff can put a real damper on an otherwise beautiful season, but it doesn’t have to ruin it altogether. We’ve been specializing in water damage restoration for years and have turned a lot of houses from total tornadoes into dry, cozy caves once again.

When the water starts flowing it can be easy to panic, even if you’ve dealt with leaks before. And if you’ve never experienced serious water damage, it’s even harder to know what to do next. Here are a few things to keep in mind in case of an emergency:

Ask for help

The best thing you can do in almost any emergency situation is call a professional. That holds true in nearly all aspects of life, and water damage to your home is no exception. The second you see a leak, give us a call and put your mind at ease.

Stop the flow

It may not be possible, but do your best to stop any additional water from coming in (as long as it doesn’t put your safety at risk, of course).

Prep the area

Turn off the electricity just to be safe until professional help arrives, this is especially important if you have pets and young children who may accidentally come into contact with something dangerous. Then move furniture and valuables as far away from the area of moisture as possible, it may even be necessary to rent a storage unit depending on the extent of the damage.

Document the crime scene

Taking pictures and recording notes on the area is always a good idea. Not only will this help with repairs and restoration, but it will be invaluable when it comes time to submit an insurance claim. We’ve assisted in tons of insurance claims over the years and know the process inside and out, so you’ll be in safe hands every step of the way.

Refinish, repair, and protect

This is the part where we get to work our magic. We’ll fix the leak, repair the damage, refinish the area to your unique specifications, and protect you from any future damage.


Don’t let the Great Minnesota Thaw get the best of you and your home.  Keep this checklist in mind and keep our number by your phone and we promise you’ll be hearing the birds chirping again in no time!


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