The U of M Great Clips Remodel

The Country Creek Team of Dave, Brittney, Steve, and I spent a couple of long days remodeling the University of Minnesota’s Great Clips.  It was a challenge getting the new store fixtures to the shop because of the light rail construction.  This Great Clips received new fixtures, two new merchandiser shelves, the new Great Clips paint scheme, a new lobby carpet, new styling chairs, and a new reception desk.  The old desk had an extension cord running across the shop floor, and a phone cord hanging down from the ceiling. In order to remove the trip hazard and unsightly hanging phone cord; we had to saw cut the concrete floor, install schedule 40 PVC conduit, and wire the desk correctly.  Add one more Great Clips to the 75 plus salons that the Country Creek Team has remodeled or built out in the past three years.

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