The Value of Your Remodeling Project

If you’re looking to remodel parts of your home, your goal is to enjoy the renovations for the time being, and attain a strong ROI when you eventually sell down the road. Still, there’s a line between cost and value when it comes to remodeling projects — and of course, you want to recoup as much of the cost as possible.

At Country Creek Builders, we’re not just experts in all things remodeling, we’re experts in everything that’s important to you. This means that when we work on your unique remodeling project, we ensure that the renovations will not only make your home a better place to live now, but that they’ll raise the value of your home even more. Take a look at a few of our offerings that ensure the best outcome for you and your home.


It’s no surprise that a kitchen remodel can be one of your best investments, especially in certain housing markets where gorgeous, modern kitchens are expected. At Country Creek Builders, we consider a kitchen project from all angles — from choosing the perfect contemporary countertop (the one with the best warranty, heat resistance, repairability, maintenance, etc.) to expanding the entire kitchen into unused space to reflect today’s in-demand trend of open-concept living.

Before we prepare your design, we sit down with you to talk about what you want, and create line and conceptual drawings from there (because every little detail is just as important as the big picture). One of our clients was specifically looking for a kitchen that suited the whole family and allowed for prime entertaining. The remodel included a 42” raised snack bar with space for family to gather, an entertainment bar area with two pantries for storage, a center bar with glass racks, a stemware holder, and an under-cabinet wine fridge.


Like your kitchen, your bathroom should provide the comfort and luxury you’re looking for — but even more so, your bathroom is where your unique preferences make all the difference. Therefore, our goal is to create a space that makes you happiest each and every day, so that you get both value and optimal enjoyment from the effort. The best part about a gorgeous new bathroom? It can be enjoyed by friends, family, and guests alike.

Many of our clients choose to remodel (or add) bathrooms in their basements, and therefore, look to create a space that caters to others as well as themselves. One of our recent projects included installing a gorgeous soaking tub with a heater and a wall-mounted TV for prime viewing. With these luxurious details, the bathroom became an absolute haven for relaxation — and what could be more valuable than that? Take a look at our gallery of offerings, which include double vanities, walk-in showers, soaking tubs, recessed shelves, and more.


One of the greatest things about basements is that the opportunities for improvements are endless. At Country Creek Builders, we offer a wide range of additions, from a large wet bar with upgraded cabinetry to a linear fireplace with cultured stone. Whether you’re looking to finish the main area of your basement and a bathroom or include an addition like a workout room (or both!) our team is ready to meet you where you are.

Expansive and stylish, the right basement can serve many purposes. One of our most recent clients was hoping to finish their basement and expose its greatest potential, so we made sure we were on the same page about what that would entail. To give the basement more natural light, we removed a 6’ patio door, installed a 12’ load-bearing beam, and installed a 12’ wide, four-panel patio door.

Our team also built a workout room with a sauna, perfect for both the homeowners and their guests. In the basement’s master bathroom, we took the space to a “spa-like” level and installed a large, curbless walk-in shower with two recessed shelf niches, a tiled ceiling, and a luxurious soaking tub with tiled splash (including a “waterfall” deco) to the ceiling. The finished project turned out to be everything they hoped for and more.

If you’re ready to expose the full potential of your existing space, our whole team is ready to meet you where you are. We can’t wait to make your home remodeling dreams come true! Take a look at our ​kitchen​, ​bathroom​, and ​basement​ inspiration, and give us a call at 952-484-9812 to set up a consultation. 

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