There’s No Place Like Your Kitchen

From the aroma of your morning coffee to the fresh scents of springtime meals, your kitchen isn’t just the heart of the home — it’s the room with the most heart. Now that you’re spending more time indoors, your kitchen is more special than ever before. Ask yourself: when you’re there, do you love everything you’re surrounded by? If the answer isn’t “yes”, then there’s no better time for you to consider a remodel.

At Country Creek Builders, we know kitchens like the backs of our hands, and we know exactly what’s needed to turn an existing one into something extraordinary and brand new. From more space to upgraded lighting and everything in between, the options we offer will change the way you experience and enjoy your kitchen for years to come. It’s finally time to love the special place where you cook, eat, drink, savor, unwind, and laugh.

New Kitchen Remodeling

More Space: By removing and/or relocating walls, installing load-bearing beams, and relocating appliances and/or sink location, depending on your current design, our team is able to “open up” your kitchen and create more space that’s modern, comfortable, and inviting. 

Large Island: Do you love to share hors d’oeuvres with friends? How about taste-test wine while you prepare a gourmet meal? Our extra large islands add extra large character to any kitchen, and provides something that’s just as chic and stylish as it is functional. Cue the get-togethers and glass-clinking!

Upgraded Lighting: Whether you’re checking out a new recipe in a cookbook or plating your family’s favorite dinner, you need optimal lighting to guide the way. Our beautiful, upgraded lighting, which includes under-cabinet LED tape lights, adds that warm glow you’re looking for in the heart of your home. 

New Paint and Flooring: The aesthetic of your kitchen can make or break how you feel about it, which is why our team is ready to make your kitchen look just like the one you used to dream about. With a fresh paint job, as well as sleek, upgraded flooring, you’re constantly surrounded by magazine-worthy beauty.

Granite or Quartz Countertops with Under-Mount Sink: No one looks forward to doing dishes, but this “chore” isn’t so bad when you have the very best sink. Our spacious, contemporary under-mount sinks give you all the room you need, whether you’re wiping plates or clearing silverware before loading the dishwasher.

From cooking to eating and everything in between, your upgraded kitchen is the perfect backdrop for your best moments. If you’re ready to expose the full potential of your existing space, our whole team is ready to meet you where you are. We can’t wait to make your kitchen remodeling dreams come true! Take a look at our ​kitchen remodeling inspiration and give us a call at 952-484-9812 to set up a consultation. 

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