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Using Reclaimed Products in Your Remodel Design

It’s not lost on anyone today the using reclaimed products in your home is a huge trend. However, what products can you use in a remodel that will still add value to your home, while helping you put your unique touch into the design?

You really don’t need to go far to find these elements. It can be as simple as using your old patio pavers as a decorative inset to your new kitchen backsplash or wood from your neighbors dilapidated garage or barn for your kitchen island façade. The possibilities are endless and Country Creek Builders has experience in using these materials to bring your home remodel a touch of exceptional character.

Benefits of Reclaimed Materials

By using reclaimed products such as barn wood, brick/stone, and even furniture or fixtures you help keep the landfills cleaner and add a touch of history to your home. There’s also the monetary win, when you stumble across the ‘find of the century’ at a flea market or salvage yard. No, not all reclaimed products are less expensive than today’s modern materials, but sometimes you do find an element that is both exciting and budget friendly.

However, we find that the biggest benefit to reclaimed product is a matter of aesthetics. Those who choose to go this route are looking for something to set them apart with their remodel. By finding elements and fixtures that have history and are one of a kind we help them create a space that is uniquely theirs.

Some of these reclaimed products, such as wood and stone, are also lower maintenance and more durable as they have already weathered over time into their permanent life stage.

Reuse Doesn’t Mean Old and Boring

The best thing about reclaimed products is that the sky is the limit when it comes to giving these products new life.
• Wood from an old shed can become the back splash for a wine bar.
• An antique dining room buffet can reintroduce itself as an amazing bathroom vanity.
• Bricks from a local factory tear-down are now your new mudroom flooring.
• Weathered barn wood can be installed on walls above cabinetry (as we have completed for a basement finishing project)
• A claw foot bathtub is slightly more difficult to transform, but refinishing it can bring back the luster and luxury of yesterday. (As you can see from our bathroom project photo above.)

As a matter of fact, Country Creek Builders is also about to install a rustic barn beam as a mantel on a fireplace installation. Stay tuned for more on that awesome project…

If you’re thinking about a home remodel and desire reclaimed products in your design give us a call. Country Creek Builders can help you design your remodel, and source and install all your reclaimed elements for a finished product you’ll love to live in. Call us at 952-484-9812 or visit our website.

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