Water Damage and Flooding—Info and Tips

Home restoration after water damage and flooding is one of Country Creek Builders’ specialties. We work on tons of houses that have been damaged due to all sorts of water issues, whether it’s leaks, appliance malfunctions, plumbing mishaps, or natural flooding. Though water damage is a serious issue that almost always requires professional help to fix, there are some things you can do immediately after the problem is discovered to help minimize the damage.

Shut Down

In cases of extreme flooding (widespread standing water) make sure all electrical appliances are shut off to avoid the chance of an electrical shock. Also, be sure to turn off the main water valve for your home right away so that no additional water can leak in.


Move all furniture, artwork, rugs, and valuables out of the affected areas immediately. Wooden materials are especially susceptible to hazardous molds and should be attended to first.


Do your best to wipe up as much of the water as possible.  If the weather allows open up all windows, turn on the AC, and set up fans to increase airflow and dry the area as quickly as possible.


Wrap all surrounding furniture legs in plastic to help avoid discoloration and moisture buildup. It may also be a good idea to protect baseboards in a similar manner.


Always be sure to take pictures of the damage in all stages of development. You will definitely need these pictures for insurance purposes and it is a general homeowners’ rule of thumb to always have physical proof of any major damage to the house.


After you’ve gone through the above steps, call a professional to take care of the rest. Country Creek Builders is always ready and available to help you with any of your water damage restoration needs.

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