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Water, water everywhere…and with it, plenty of damage to repair.

The recent heavy rains have been keeping us more than busy the past few weeks. We’ve been fixing water damaged homes all across the southern Twin Cities and just completed a huge project on a house on Prior Lake that had been leaking water for nearly 15 years. The owners of the home had been forced to call the original builders, roofing company, and siding company to come fix the leaks so many times that they eventually just gave up. We’re proud to say that after we had a chance to work on the house, it is now completely dry and officially leak free for the first time in a decade and a half. Though this was one of the most extensive and complicated projects we’ve ever been involved in, it was also one of the most rewarding. The house looks beautiful and the owners couldn’t be happier.

The owners of a home we just worked on in Burnsville were also having water damage troubles until we stepped in to help. The bathroom in the house had gone through years of wear and tear, causing water to leak behind the shower and tiles to fall off the wall. To fix the damage and get the bathroom back into shape we pulled out all the old tiles and the shower floor, removed the damaged sheet rock and water soaked insulation, then replaced everything with new materials. We then installed a new fiberglass shower unit, a new vanity and vanity top, retiled the floor, and painted the entire bathroom.

After finishing up with the bathroom the homeowners asked if we could tile their front entry as well. When we went to tear up the vinyl flooring, however, we discovered that the front entry also had water damage from a leak in the front door. We fixed the existing damage, sealed the door to prevent any further leaks, and retiled the front entry.

In addition to these projects we’ve also been helping out with some maintenance and repair work for a group of Great Clips owners whose stores needed some fixing up, reframing a basement in Farmington, and finishing up the complete demo of a retail space that will soon become another Great Clips store.

Burnsville Bathroom Before & After photos

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