What’s Dan Up To – July 2010

Currently, we’re working on a complete exterior renovation for a three-story Prior Lake home. The doors and windows on this lake house were installed incorrectly by the original builders, resulting in extensive amounts of water damage throughout the structure. In addition to removing and replacing over 30 windows and doors with the correct framing, we’re also resetting the windows and doors, repairing all water damage, and redoing all the flat roof deck spaces.

The water damage in some areas of the home is so extreme that we were forced to remove the wall and subfloors in the affected rooms. In order to fix the problem and ensure that the home is fully protected from similar damage in the future, we tore up the subfloor, installed new flooring, re-framed and reinsulated the walls with foam spray insulation, and installed new exterior sheathing. Similarly, a pyramid-shaped skylight on the “tower” portion of the home must be removed due to leakage and replaced with hand-framed roof trusses and new sheet metal roofing. There are nine other skylights in the home that also require the installation of new gaskets due to age and deterioration.

When we are done with the major repairs we plan on building 34 decorative boxes to cover the railing attachment points on the home. The boxes will be covered with stucco to match a unique stucco cornice detailing we’ll add around the upper perimeter of the house and in between the railing boxes.

We also will be installing EFIS stucco and over 1000 square feet of natural Telluride Colorado stone to the exterior, as well as a standing seam metal roof on the two slope roof portions of the house.

The recent heavy rains have delayed progress and made the project extremely challenging, but we are estimating a September 1st completion date.

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