What’s Dan Up To?

Sure it’s cold outside, but the remodeling industry waits for no snowstorm, and this remodeling company’s no exception. Despite the frigid temperatures and icy ground we’ve been keeping ourselves more than busy the past couple months. With the occasional break for hot tea, coffee, or cocoa, we’ve managed to complete some really outstanding projects.

In Spring Lake Park we recently finished another brand new Great Clips store, bringing our grand total to over 35 Great Clips projects in the past two years. This location was particularly fun, as it involved a complete demolition of the tanning shop that previously leased the commercial space. We then went on to frame new walls, install plumbing for the shampoo stations, install specially engineered floating wood floors, and add in new cutting stations, shampoo stations, merchandising shelves, and a new reception area. The store also required fresh paint and a complete electrical upgrade and redo, which is always a welcomed adventure.

To take our business back a little closer to home, we also just finished work on a family room and kitchen remodel in a beautiful Apple Valley house. This was a fun one, since it allowed us to play around with all sorts of fancy gadgets and gizmos including a new 52’’LED flat screen TV and a seven speaker surround sound system, which we wired and nestled into the new custom made built-in entertainment center. In order to make the house feel more unique we removed the cultured stone from the family room fireplace and replaced it with new custom designed real hearth stone. We then moved onto the kitchen where we took out the white tile backsplash and replaced it with slate backsplash, and replaced the white laminate countertops with beautiful granite ones instead. We also installed four pendant lights above the island, additional recessed lights in the ceiling, special under-cabinet lighting, and rope lights above the upper cabinet. We then added 5×8 cedar beams and a cedar tongue n’ groove ceiling and new stainless steel Bosch appliances to complete the look.

Finally, we just finished working on a 1200 square foot TimberTech deck on a home in Prior Lake. The homeowner decided to use a blind fastening system, which was more labor intensive but ended up looking absolutely incredible.

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