When Should You Start Your Remodeling Project

When Should You Start Your Remodeling Project

Is there ever a good time to start a remodeling project? That is a tough question to answer because you might plan and plan but there are always some type of bump in the road. Normally the best time to remodel your home is in the summer. Your remodeling contractor has more time to finish the project as daylight is at a premium with summer days being longer. However, did you know that there are certain times of the year when various remodeling projects will save you money and time?

Two key elements of your project are: planning and flexibility. Start planning early, be flexible with build time and the process will run more smoothly. As well, two important factors when deciding the best time to start your project are your contractor’s availability and the supply for the needed products. Country Creek Builders will help you plan your remodeling project so that the necessary materials are ordered well in advance to ensure the project timeframe runs smoothly.

Even though remodeling projects can be done virtually any time throughout the year, there are a few that should be planned out with regard to availability (contractor and/or materials) and cost.

Fall and Winter
Bathrooms: Did you know that most people plan their bathroom remodels during July more than any other month? With that being said, winter is actually the best time for this renovation. Your contractor might have more availability and there is less of a chance that the needed materials will be back ordered. Getting started in the fall means the project could be completed by winter.

Kitchens and Basements: These remodels are also perfect to get started in the winter. By spring your living space could be finished and ready to enjoy.

Decks: There is no better time than the fall to start many outdoor remodeling projects. The one limitation is Minnesota winters! Deck projects can get underway in late fall or early winter if the ground isn’t frozen and Country Creek Builders can dig the area safely. Then, by spring, you can start enjoying the new space with family and friends!

Most homeowners replace their windows during spring so the project will be completed by summer. This is also a perfect time to refresh the front entry of your home with a new coat of paint on the front door, or by replacing porch posts. Completing these projects in the spring means you can sit back and enjoy the updated look during the MN summertime .

In summer’s warmer months, many homeowners are thinking about outdoor remodeling projects. Instead, why not think about completing an indoor remodeling project, such as giving your fireplace a new look so it is ready for the winter months? If you like to entertain during the summer, think about the possibility of creating a fire pit with the same materials that are being used for the indoor fireplace. Placing a larger material order reduces costs and Country Creek Builders can complete both projects at the same time.

Country Creek Builders can help you plan when is the best time to get your particular remodeling project started and make the process go smoothly. Visit our website to get your remodeling project started or call us at 952-484-9812.

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