The Country Creek Team

Dan Drenckhahn

Dan Drenckhahn, Country Creek Builders

Dan Drenckhahn

As President and owner of Country Creek Builders Inc. I take great pride in being involved with every project. I have personally been in the construction business for over 20 years. I started out as a subcontractor – working for general contractors, remodelers, and home builders. My experience includes working as a framing carpenter, finish carpenter, stone mason, tile installer, cabinet installer, water damage repair expert, commercial build-out and remodeling, design and drafting, project manager, and estimator. As a sub-contractor – I have seen it all – from poorly managed projects to poor craftsmanship. There were days that I would go home at the end of a day – in complete awe at how some jobs were so poorly managed.

One day  I was installing tile on a project for a General Contractor, three weeks later than the schedule had indicated - all because of poor management by the General Contractor.  The homeowner on this project confided in me on how poorly managed it was.  She was so upset on the broken promises made by the General Contractor that she broke down in tears. This is the day I decided to start my own construction company. I knew that I could run a construction company, keep my promises, and make homeowners happy! My number one goal is to prove to homeowners that there are trustworthy, reliable contractors that run their business with values and integrity. This is not just my mission in life – but my promise to you!!

Dave Drenckhahn

My son Dave has been working with me since he was 14 years old. He has framed houses for over Eleven years, worked with me on additions, decks, installing natural and cultured stone, Tile prep, tile layout and design, Tile installation,  mastered trim carpentry, installed windows, exterior doors and hanging interior doors and finish carpentry.   I knew that I had the best man on the job the day that Dave installed a 14 wide bifold glass patio door on an addition, by himself.  This door was installed perfectly. Dave has hand framed roofs when needed, set roof trusses, installed roofing shingles and siding, and he has been involved with the rebuilding of water damaged homes.  Dave has remodeled and built out over 150 Great Clips Hair Salons.

Dave takes Great Pride in making your project perfect.  He is a master tile setter with a great eye for tile design and layout.  Dave knows that the Country Creek Builders name will be his to manage one day, and he is taking full responsibility to ensure that when he does take over this business, that Country Creek Builders has a great reputation.

Brittany DeWitz

Brittany is the most important person and Country Creek Builders - that you will most likely never meet.  Brittany works in the office as the Country Creek accountant. She does all of the payroll, tax reports, tax liabilities, prepares your estimates and contracts, manages our accounts receivable and payables,  and prepares reports for me on our projects. Brittany is a huge help in keeping me on track when it comes time for me to do the office work.

Jesus Castro-Aguilar

Jesus has been installing tile for over ten years before starting with Country Creek Builders. Since Country Creek Builders cares about the quality of our tile work; it is important to have a professional Tile setter on our payroll. It took me over two years to find a tile setter that lived up to my expectations – and Jesus is the perfect fit for Country Creek Builders.

Jesus is extremely detailed when he is working on our tiled projects, and he keeps the job site extremely clean while he is tiling. Jesus has experience in painting and a supervisor for a painting company.