Why is Lighting Important in Your Bathroom?

Why is Lighting Important in Your Bathroom?

Spring is just around the corner; you are looking at the rooms in your home deciding what needs an update. The bathroom is a good place to start. One of the first steps is coming up with a concept that you want to become a reality. When you sit down with Country Creek Builders for their In-House Design process make sure that you have all those ideas written down so nothing is missed.

Over the years bathrooms have taken on many different transformations. Bathrooms are no longer the ones of yester year. There are many different amenities that you can put in your bath that can coincide with today’s trends.  One of the main changes you want to make to your newly remodeled bathroom is the lighting. When done correctly, the lighting can immediately transform the appearance of your bathroom in an instant. Remember, your bathroom is actually the most important room in the house.

Here are some different lighting options that you can incorporate into your bathroom remodel.

Concealed lighting: Placed inside ceiling slots, this is a great way to bring the idea of soft lighting into the bathroom. One of the most common ways to use concealed lighting is in the shower area.  Ultimately, with this type of lighting you can create a spa like atmosphere.

Bathtub lighting:  More homeowners are starting to have free standing bathtubs. Depending on the style and type you purchase, this can become the focal point of your bathroom. Recessed light directly over the tub is an option or placing wall washing lighting that will accent the tub area.

Mirror Lighting: Wall lights or lights integrated into the mirror are essential in any bathroom. However, when designing this area of the bathroom, make sure to pick a lighting option that helps to provide proper lighting for the face. This can be accomplished by placing a bath bar about the mirror or vertical sconces on either side of the mirror. Since you and your family will be spending a lot of time in front of the vanity performing daily tasks, the best lighting options need to be used.

Layered Lighting: This lighting is very diverse and can be used in a basement remodel or kitchen. Adding

layered lighting can help to create a focal point in the bathroom. This is accomplished by strategically placing the lights within shelves or different niches in the room, creating a perfect ambiance for the bathroom.

Country Creek Builders is able to create any one of the above lighting options in your remodeled bathroom. Remember, when starting the design process, have your ideas written down so you can review your ideas with them and they can help you make the best choices for your remodel.

For more inspiration for your  bath remodel, check out the Country Creek Builders website. Then call 952-484-9812 or fill out our quick project form and we will get started on your next remodeling project.

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