Window and Door Replacement

If you know Country Creek Builders you know that we do a lot of exterior renovation and water damage restoration projects (and if you don’t know us, you’re in the right spot—check out our previous blog posts about these topics). And with those projects naturally also comes a lot of window and door replacement work as well. People tend not to think about it too much, but windows and doors actually make a much bigger impact on a house than one might imagine. Aside from the aesthetic benefits beautiful windows and doors can bring to the outside of a house, they also have the potential to greatly improve the homeowner’s quality of life inside the house.

As the hundreds of clients we’ve worked with on water damage restoration projects know, leaky windows and doors can turn even the most gorgeous house into an absolute nightmare of a home. If you launch into any sort of major remodeling project without first making sure your windows and doors are water-tight, you could be in for a very unpleasant surprise a few years down the road. We’ve seen many otherwise fine floors and ceilings obliterated by leaks, and it’s always hard to think about how much damage could be prevented if we had been able to work with the client from the start.

Additionally, replacing your windows and doors is also a great way to save money. One of the best things about the rising popularity of the Green movement in our industry is that many people are now able to obtain tax credits for switching their existing windows and doors with approved energy-efficient replacements. Not only do these windows look great, if installed properly they also prevent leaks and significantly reduce heating bills.

Despite all the obvious benefits many people, especially those who live in older homes, are still resistant to the idea of replacing their windows and doors unless it’s absolutely dire. Frequently, this is because the homeowner is afraid that new installations will not fit with their old house. Luckily for our clients, we’re masters at custom fitting and designing windows and doors that work with the look and feel of the home you love. Any home, any window or door, Country Creek Builders has got you covered.

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