5 Design Ideas for Your New Home Theater

If you're bored of your living space and love going to the movies, here are 5 home theater design ideas for any basement space.

Many of us have been less satisfied with our at-home spaces since spending more and more time in them. Running out of things to do at home? Love going to the movies? Why not make going to the movies your nightly routine by adding a theater room to your own home! Whether you're just starting to consider the idea, or you're fully ready to commit, we've got some great design ideas for you to browse; if you have a vision and you're not sure how to execute it, the in-house design team at Country Creek Builders can talk through your vision with you and bring it to life!

Basements are quiet and dark—making them the perfect space to add a home theater. Sound performance and lighting should be easy to control in this secluded environment. No matter your personal taste and preferences, we have design ideas to match.

Keep it traditional

Start with dark walls, this will help create the theater ambiance. Go for some classic theater seating, but don't be afraid to experiment with some accent colors; one perk of having the theater right in your home is the ability to make it more homey!

Dare to be different

Go a less traditional route and add some colored walls to your home theater! Most home theater designs you'll come across will be dark and sophisticated. This is because a lot of home theater owners want the authentic movie theater experience—and it can be easier to see the screen in full darkness.

As long as you get the ambient lighting and wall screen right, your home theater can really be any color you'd like. The ceiling is your limit! With a high-quality home remodeling partner, any design idea is possible.

Add some family fun

Double it as a stage and theater! This is a great idea if you have kids running around the house. The stage will give them loads of opportunities to explore their creative sides. When it comes to the actual design of the room, low ceilings would offer a cozier feel; often times home theaters require false ceilings to improve the room's acoustics.

Add a curtain in front of the screen to increase the visual appeal of the stage/screen space. Family time is precious—Country Creek is dedicated to completing projects on-budget and on-time, so your family can start enjoying your new space as soon as possible.

Combine it with an at-home bar

Transforming part (or all) of your basement into a hangout for friends and family is a trendy idea for those considering a basement remodel. In addition to the theater, add a space for a home bar that faces the screen. This will add additional seating to the theater space and create a more casual and social environment in your home theater.

Football Sundays have never looked better.

Make it a multi-purpose game room

Maybe a home bar isn't right for you, consider instead: combining your media room with a game room! Large open space with a home theater, pool table, poker corner, karaoke station, etc.

There's no better space to host family nights as well as larger parties/events!

Ready to get started on your home theater?

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