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Discover Design, Craftsmanship, and Innovation with Savage's top Remodeling Contractor.

Remodeling General Contractor Savage MN

If you're looking for a remodeling contractor in Savage, Minnesota, we'd love to connect, show you our work, and see if we're a good fit.

We Make Remodeling A Joy

Remodeling is disruptive, but over the decades, we've developed a client approach that makes life much easier.

Basement Finishing Savage Minnesota

We Help You Finish Your Basement

We can help you transform any outdated split-level or two-story residence into something beautiful! Check out our Basement Finishing page for dozens of before + after examples that prove we know how to get the job done right.

Kitchen Remodelers Savage Minnesota

Our mission is to provide superior remodeling services that transform your kitchen and adjoining areas into a space tailored to your lifestyle. We are Savage, MN's top choice for custom home building and remodeling – delivering craftsmanship, design and process unmatched by any other contractor in the area! Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the way to ensure an optimal outcome from start to finish.

Whether it’s time for a full-scale renovation or just some minor tweaks here and there - we have you covered with comprehensive solutions that can make all the difference in creating more functional living spaces.

We Make Remodeling A Joy

Remodeling is disruptive, but over the decades, we've developed a client approach that makes life much easier.

We Make Remodeling A Joy

You'll enjoy how we provide leadership throughout the remodeling process.

Remodeling Contractor Savage, Minnesota

Whether you're finishing a basement of a new home you bought or it's time to transform your house into something you love. Process, design, and craftsmanship are elevated to excellence with Country Creek Builders.

If you're searching for a renovation or remodeling contractor in Savage, MN, we can connect with you and discuss your project. Country Creek Builders is a South Metro Twin Cities design-build remodeling contractor that serves customers in Savage, Minnesota, Dakota County, Scott County, Lakeville, Savage, and more.

Savage's Top Remodeling Contractor

At Country Creek, we understand that remodeling and renovations can be an intimidating process. That's why we strive to give our customers the highest quality of service, taking into account their budget, lifestyle, and preferences. We've been in the business of transforming family homes for over two decades and have successfully transformed homes for hundreds of customers.

Remodeling an Older Home

Country Creek Builders offers custom home building and remodeling services for customers in Savage, Minnesota. If you are looking to purchase an older property that needs a bit of work done, consider exploring the possibilities with Country Creek Builders! We specialize in transforming dated homes from the 1970s-1990s into stunning gems -- complete with additions and renovations that will make your house look like a brand-new construction!

Look for Lots of Work Examples.

Quality contractors are always in high demand and will have plenty of photos showcasing their work. When looking for the best remodelers near Savage, Minnesota, be sure to check out websites or ask during a meeting if they can provide examples of successful projects they've completed.

Even though some may not have the time to take pictures or capture video walk-throughs on their website due to how busy they are with clientele, top-notch contractors should still be able to show off beautiful transformations that speak volumes about their skill and craftsmanship.

When searching for a reputable remodeling contractor, it is important to check out their previous projects and customer reviews. Unfortunately, many in Savage may not meet expectations when it comes to completing a project on time or within budget while still preserving the high level of craftsmanship desired.

Design-Build Remodelers in Savage, Minnesota

As a Savage home remodeler, we don't just provide high-quality design and value - the process itself is of the highest importance. We prioritize communication and transparency with our clients throughout each project to ensure that it progresses smoothly without any unexpected costs or delays.

Unlike other remodeling contractors who give out projects to the lowest subcontractor, we take a unique approach in order to guarantee exemplary craftsmanship and customer satisfaction every time.

Basement Finishing Lennar Builders

If you are a Savage, Minnesota homeowner looking to transform your basement into something special and unique, then look no further than us, a custom home builder and remodeler. We can provide the services necessary to create an enjoyable living space right in your own home.

Basement Finishing DR Horton Homes in Savage Minnesota

In the recent housing boom, DR Horton built many homes in Savage, and many of the homes didn't come with finished basements, because the demand was so high for these DR Horton Homes, that they didn't want to get stuck finishing basements.

We can help you finish the basement in your DR Horton Home in Savage, and we'll help you transform your lower level into something absolutely fantastic.

Remodeling Contractor Near Savage Minnesota Basement

Discover Design, Craftsmanship, and Innovation with Savage's top Remodeling Contractor.

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