7 Basement Bar Trends

If you're considering a basement remodel or upgrade, check this article out to learn about what's trending and get inspiration!

Make it a Family Affair

Consider making space for the whole family. This basement has a full size (!) fridge hiding just around the corner to stash beer, juice boxes, birthday cakes and 6-foot subs. This bar also has a microwave mounted at a lower level so the younger members of the family can make their own snacks. Durable vinyl flooring and quartz countertops make this bar beautiful and indestructible.  

Photo courtesy of Charmaine Lianne Griffiths

Be Bold

Go bold. With wood tones, color, tile, cabinetry, anything. Basements are intimate and personal spaces; take the opportunity to make it yours. With personal accents, you and your guests will feel perfectly at home in your new basement lounge.

Personalized bar installed by Country Creek Builders

Easy Street

Consider making a self-sustaining space. Adding a dishwasher means you don’t have to haul glasses up and down stairs all the time and an ice maker is the essence of convenience for any entertainer. Think about your needs and how you want to use the space. Use that as your North Star when getting started on the design.


Let the Light Shine In

Lighting is the best way to make your basement feel lush and comfortable.

This bar features tape lighting to accent all the storage spaces and shelving. Tape lighting is almost invisible once installed properly, can often be controlled by your smartphone and usually comes with several color changing options. Whether you use pendant lights, recessed lights or accent lighting, with the proper electrical plan, your bar will stand out.

Photo courtesy of Kitchens by the Creek

Bring the Bar to You

Now that we’re staying home, bring the bar home with specialty amenities like a glass rinser and draft beverages.

Photos courtesy of Highcraft Builders and Kegerators.com

There are all kinds of beverages available in kegs from traditional beers to kid-friendly rootbeer and even wine. Go home to the bar!

Photos courtesy of Highcraft Builders and Kegerators.com

Not Just Any Old Box

Make your cabinetry work for you. Showcase your barware behind glass cabinet doors. Stashing all your favorite snacks in big, deep drawers and including a trash pull-out will keep your space looking beautiful and uncluttered.

Bar by Country Creek Builders

Tailor your bar to your needs and get creative!

Set the Mood

Using deeper tones and dimmable lighting helps to create a warm, intimate space where you can kick back and relax.

This bar is a galley style with all the working elements on the right and laid back seating on the left. The deep, dark brown cabinetry sinks into the space and creates a luxurious experience.

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest

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