7 Cool Sunroom Addition Ideas

Check out these cool and creative ideas for your sunroom addition.

It’s that time of year again when it’s dark and cold by 5 pm, and all you want is to feel a little bit of sunshine on your skin. So, it’s the perfect time to talk about sunrooms!

These additions not only give you extra space in your Twin Cities home, but they also give you an area focused on large windows to let in natural light to give you great views of the outdoors, and even help curb the effects of seasonal affective disorder.

If you’re contemplating adding a sunroom to your house, check out some of these cool ideas we found!

#1 Cool Sunroom Addition Ideas

Built-in Seating and Storage

We love the above sunroom example completed by our team at Country Creek Builders because well, it focuses on letting in the sun! Too often we see sunroom additions start with prioritizing windows and natural light, and then reality sets in and homeowners want more solid walls so they can put furniture against the walls, like bookcases, or desks, or even clutter it with seating. In the example above, we created built-in storage and seating that’s useful, yet low enough so it’s under the window to maximize the amount of sun exposure.

#2 Cool Sunroom Addition Ideas

Access to Deck and Yard

This example was also built by our team. We love this one because it’s practical! Many times we hear clients worry about adding a sunroom to their home because they don’t want to lose their deck. This example shows that you don’t have to. With the right planning, you can make the sunroom and the deck work together. In this example, you’ll see the addition has a walkout to the deck and also have easy access to the backyard through the staircase.

#3 Cool Sunroom Addition Ideas

Rustic, Farmhouse Look

We’re of fan of this sunroom featured on Better Homes & Garden because of its natural wood. This is a great solution for homes with a farmhouse or country theme. The sunroom will be a natural addition to the home and can carry through the rustic feel and décor – yet it’s still light and airy.

#4 Cool Sunroom Addition Ideas

Light Room with Dark Accents

When we think of sunrooms, we typically think of light and airy colors and décor. However, it doesn’t have to stray from the look and feel of your house. The above example from Creative Enclosures showcases that. The walls are dark blue with a nautical theme, yet the white woodwork, wall-to-wall windows, and white trim brighten the room. 

#5 Cool Sunroom Addition Ideas

Add Windows to Your Home

We love this example featured on RealSimple.com because of the windows that open up back into the house. It gives the addition a natural transition back into the house and makes the room feel more open and airy. The all-white look also opens this room up and makes it feel spacious.

#6 Cool Sunroom Addition Ideas

Focus on the View

For many, the purpose of the sunroom is to feel closer to nature. This example on The Gardening Cook does a great job of making the outdoors the centerpiece. The wall-to-wall windows make it look like you’re outdoors. The room also has cool features, like the vaulted ceiling with wood panels that really draw your eye up. It also has comfortable lighting to make the room more about the natural light given off from the outdoors.  

#7 Cool Sunroom Addition Ideas

Position the Room Around the Scenery

This sunroom showcased on Houzz.com is a great example of how to position your room around the area you want to look at from your sunroom. If your home is on a lake, this is a great example of making that the centerpoint and positioning all elements for easy access to the beach, or the deck if you want to view the lake outside.  


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