6 Stunning Exterior Lighting Design Inspirations

Thinking of lighting the exterior of your home or getting exterior lighting ideas? Here are scores of photos to spark your imagination and provide something to bring your lighting company.

Exterior Lighting Ideas

When you light the exterior of your home, it's a game changer for the curb appeal of your home, as well as your ability for people to navigate the terrain and exterior.  When you're lighting the exterior of your home, you should consider the perspectives of people at the curb, people in your yard, and people in the home.  You should invest carefully in quality lights that meet exterior lighting standards, and most of all, you should utilize a contractor and exterior lighting specialist that can help you tastefully take advantage of this design function.

We scoured the internet and tried to pull together some amazing examples of exterior lighting done perfect, so you had some photos to get inspired with. If you're remodeling your home, and you want to really enhance the exterior of your house too, then exterior lighting design is something you should consider.

Country Creek Builders can help you coordinate, design and plan exterior lighting into your remodel, but take some time to look through these exterior lighting inspiration photos.

These photos are of large estates, but even smaller homes can find a few exterior lighting ideas from them. View these exterior lighting photos, find some things you like, and then integrate them into your home!

1 - Craftsman House Exterior Lighting in Oregon

Here's some ideas from Oregon Outdoor Lighting, that really show off some of the fantastic ways to light trees, masonry, landscaping features, and the landscaping in general.  Few things make your home look quite as epic than well done exterior landscaping and lighting. Check out these exterior lighting examples and projects from Oregon!

2 - Landscape Lighting Inspiration from Night Owl in Madison

You've got to see some of the work from Night Owl Exterior Lighting design out of Wisconsin. We found some really cool exterior lighting ideas for landscaping, ponds, eves and more at this company out of Waukesha Wisconsin and Madison. These exterior lighting examples are really neat, and it's integrated with the exterior ponds and water features - which is quite beautiful.

3 - Erickson Lighting Minnesota

Check out this Twin Cities based exterior lighting inspiration from Erickson Lighting.  They've done some really cool work that we wanted to show off.  If you're wondering about what makes great exterior lighting, then take a look at these photos and this stunning work.  They've lit the exterior of the home beautifully, the exterior lighting around the walk ways is functional and beautiful, and there's a coherent and organized nature to the lighting. The lighting brings you around the well lit pool, and right up to the various exterior locations.

Notice how the direction of the lights are well balanced, and that they've used exterior lights to accentuate the beautiful stone work around the entire property.   The in-ground lights are stunning, while the lights on the trees and shrubs add to the majesty of the whole home.

This is obviously not your everyday home, but we can get great exterior lighting ideas from this home that Erickson Lighting is showcasing.

If you're looking for exterior lighting ideas for your home or landscaping, you should take some time to slowly view all these photos and give Erickson a call if you're in the Twin Cities.

4 - OLP Lighting

Here's another Minneapolis lighting design company that's worth taking time to view for inspiration and ideas.

5 - Outdoor Innovation of Davenport Iowa

They have some great exterior living ideas here -

6 - Firefly Exterior Lighting Design Ideas

Take a look at the Firefly Lighting Design here

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