Top 10 Home Bar Trends

It's Cocktail O'Clock! From sleek and sophisticated to classic and cozy - your home is about to get more fun! Move over kitchen remodels and make way for home bars!

Why go out to a bar or brewery when you can bring the party to your place?

These home bar trends will make a perfect setting for entertaining large and small.

Whether incorporated into a basement, seating area, or a dedicated space of its own, these home bars will inspire you to stay in more often. Before stocking up, find your favorite home bar trend to add from these top 10 home bar favorites.

What are the top home bar trends?

Before choosing which home bar trend is best for your home, you need to decide what kind of home bar you would like a general contractor to build. Keep reading to find out the latest and greatest trends for home bars this year!

To Sink Or Not To Sink - Wet Bar vs. Dry Bar

Photo Courtesy of Country Creek Builders

What is a wet bar?

Entertainment made easy. Want to conveniently make margaritas, install a beer tap, or easily rinse out used glassware? A wet bar may be the way to go. Wet bars can be installed in your home and in trending outdoor kitchens. 

Find a reliable general contractor and home remodeling expert to save time and money when installing your new in-home wet bar. 

Find wet bar general contractors near Lakeville, MN, for your next home bar project 

Photo Courtesy of Country Creek Builders

What is a dry bar?

Functionality. Minus the extra plumbing, a dry bar can be a designated space within your home with a piece of furniture, counter, bar, and seating to hold everything you need to prepare cocktails, beer, and beverages for yourself or guests. 

This space typically contains glasses, bottle openers, beer, liquor, and mixers that are conveniently located and artfully displayed.

Unleash your creative side

Once you have decided between a wet bar and a dry bar, sit back with your drink of choice, scroll through our top 10 home bar design trends, and choose which home bar design or combination of home bar designs you will add to your entertainment space or corner to unwind.

The Top 10 List of Trending Home Bars

Photo Credit: Kathryn Lilly Interiors

10. Pattern & Color Play

Set the mood for your space by bringing all the elements together with a stylish focal point. Mix things up by experimenting with bold designs like expressive patterns, textures, and unexpected colors. 

Kathryn Lilly Interiors designed this stylish, contemporary wet bar by creating a focal point using a multidimensional wallpaper of texture, depth, and color and painting the cabinets a bold forest green. The brass hardware and glass shelving add a modern and sophisticated twist.  

Find general contractors, designers, and other home professionals near you.

Photo Credit by: Country Creek Builders

9. Cornercopia

Do you have an unfinished basement and are looking for ways to transform and personalize that unused space? Bare walls and corners are a perfect place to recreate a past vacation spot or favorite hometown bar with custom-made bar tops, walls, and wine racks. 

Country Creek Builders designed this corner home wet bar with a full wood countertop and added a wall made from old barn wood. The mirrored backdrop and glass shelving spotlight the liquor collection and frame the flat-screen television. At the same time, the L-shaped bar creates a comfortable atmosphere for conversation while watching hockey, football, baseball, or a basketball game.

Photo Courtesy by: Eleven Interiors

8. Think Vertical

If you are lacking the square footage to add additional space for a home bar, then build in and up or use an existing bookshelf. Inset a bookshelf-style space from floor to ceiling with a cabinet for storage. Add lights that dim for ambiance. Above the cabinet, shakers, ice buckets, mixers, and more can be displayed and easily accessible. By day, it serves as a casual living space, and at night, a chic lounge.

Eleven Interiors used mirrored glass to reflect light and create depth. The mirrored glass also creates beauty amongst the glassware and bottles. The blue cabinets and shelves show the separation between the living space and the dry bar.

Photo Courtesy by: BD Home Design

7. Seamless Symmetry

No separation is needed in today’s modern homes. If possible, choose built-ins to create a seamless flow and look as though it had been originally designed for that space. For a cohesive look, add a home bar to the living area, which maximizes the ability to entertain from the kitchen to the living room.  

BD Home Design created this luxurious and mid-century modern home bar space, using the wellness decor trend of incorporating organic materials such as wood, clay, bamboo, stone, hempcrete, and cork into living spaces. The built-ins also offer a great space for overflow kitchen storage. This home wet bar is a fine example of minimalist eco-luxe.

Photo Courtesy By: Pamela Harvey Interiors

6. UV Blues

Blue is the new taupe. Trends are shifting away from warm neutrals and steering toward rich, saturated colors that make a statement, yet remain timeless and classy.

Pamela Harvey Interiors use of warm metal tones in the gold and white mosaic backsplash, and the gold hardware plays nicely against the rich, dark blue painted cabinets.

Photo Courtesy of Sebring Design Build

5. 20 Shades of Light

Do you want your home bar to be dark and cozy, or lush and comfortable? Lighting is one of the keys to set the mood. When your home bar is paired with the right lighting, such as dimmable pendant lights and LED light strips placed underneath shelves, it can help create the mood you are looking for.

Sebring Design Build combines floating wall shelves, ceiling-high cabinets, and a white tile backsplash teamed up with pendant lights and LED light strips. The black floating shelves are distinctive, with the black granite countertops alongside the marble island, white cabinets, and white tiles, creating a modern and timeless look.

Photo Courtesy of Country Creek Builders
Photo Courtesy of Country Creek Builders

4. Make A Backsplash Statement

Elevate your home bar experience by adding a graphic or metallic backsplash. Form a unique design with mosaic tiles that run from floor to ceiling. For a dedicated space, go all out on a large piece of artwork or brightly colored vintage-inspired wallpaper

Country Creek Builders successfully creates a dramatic backsplash with mirrored tiles and marries them with dark grey cabinets featuring glass-doors, that showcase the barware while simultaneously framing the different-sized and shaped glass liquor containers on two thick wooden floating shelves.

Photo Courtesy by: Nina Williams Interiors

3. Brick Is Back

LED lights installed underneath floating shelves and crown molding highlight this Miami bar’s reclaimed-brick veneer backsplash. White cabinets and antique mirror cabinet doors bounce even more light around. 

Nina Williams Interiors also included an ice machine, a bar sink, and a beverage fridge.

Photo Courtesy of: Luxe Design Center

2. Floating Shelves

Make your home bar more functional and visually appealing by adding floating shelves. It is a twist on the modern-day home bar. Floating shelves help reduce clutter, eliminate crowded cabinetry, and are a great way to show off your backsplash, glassware, and wine bottles.

Luxe Design Center uses thick wooden floating shelves to showcase the different-sized liquor containers of this home wet bar, but not taking away from the slate grey brick-style tiled ceiling-high backsplash and oversized artwork on the wall. The bronze pendant lamps hanging above make for an added splash of color against the dark wall.

Photo Credit By

1. Behind Closed Doors

Almost like a doorway to a hidden room, this bespoke home bar is tucked neatly behind doors when not in use. Create your speakeasy and a space to show off your glassware using soft LED lighting underneath the shelving. 

From distinctive, bold tiles to a twist on mid-century modern, using the aesthetics from the top 10 home bar design trends you have seen above is enough to make an impression and wow your guests! Elevate and take your home to the next level by contacting Country Creek Builders to help design your home bar.

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