A List of Wants Turns Into A Dream Master Bath

Using the contractors at Country Creek Builders for your next remodeling project can get you exactly what you want even with a long list of wants. Learn how to get your dream master bathroom!

When I first meet with the homeowner to discuss her master bathroom remolding project, she had a long list of wants and needs for her project. In order to check off every item on her list, it would mean a complete demo which included removing and relocating walls and changing the location of all the plumbing fixtures. Adding a soaking tub and linen cabinets for storage was high on her list. A major concern for this homeowner was the sheet rock ceiling below the existing master bathroom that kept cracking and falling even though she previously had it repaired several times. This information told me that we had a structural problem, most likely with the floor trusses.STRUCTURAL PROBLEMS THAT NEEDED TO BE RESOLVEDAfter we completely demo’d the master bath, we removed the sub floor to investigate the structural issues. Once we had the sub floor up, we found that the original builder’s plumber had cut two 2 x 10 floor joists in order to plumb the drain for the toilet. The cut joists were located immediately above the sheet rock that was above the main floor. By cutting these two joists, the builder’s plumber compromised the integrity of the floor joist system, and it had to be fixed. After removing the plumbing drain lines and several electrical wires, we added two new 2 x 10’s on each side of the cut floor joists. We glued and lag bolted the new 2 x 10 joists to the damaged joist and made sure that the new joists carried the load to a load bearing wall below the bathroom. Once the structural repairs were complete, the transformation for the new bathroom could begin.A DESIGN TO ENVYThe design for this master bathroom included tile installation detail, cabinet detail and a floor plan that included a soaking tub, a walk-in shower and plenty of storage in a 5-foot-long linen cabinet. After all the plumbing drains, vents and water lines had been relocated and the electrical wiring completed, we re-insulated the bathroom and finished the sheet rock.TILE PREP- DONE RIGHTOne of the more expensive parts of any bathroom remodeling project is the cost of the tile and the labor to install the tile. That is why you should ensure that the tile prep is done correctly. Country Creek Builders only uses the Schluter system for our shower and floor prep. This system is more expensive then the old liner system that many contractors still use, but it is the best system that ensures a leak proof shower. Country Creek Builders believes in doing the job right, even if it cost a little more up front. We believe in this system so much that we sent two of our employees to be trained by Schluter to be certified installers. If you about to remodel a bathroom, I would encourage you to watch this You Tube video. It will educate you on this amazing system.THE FINISHED PROJECTThe tile that was selected for this bathroom remodeling project was 12 x 12 Fusion Travertine for the shower walls and tub surround. A 2 x 2 Fusion Travertine tile was used for the tub splash and shower accent tile. The shower floor tile is ISL Perfect Pebbles tile from Kate-Lo Tile. The Vanity was built with ¼” Sawn oak with Full overlay flat panel doors. The counter top selected for the vanity was Consentino ECO 3CM quartz countertop. The bathroom was painted with Delux ICI “Whetsone” # A1910 Eggshell paint from Hirschfield’s.As you can see from the pictures for this project, it turned out amazing, and the homeowner can sleep at night without worrying about a structural problem in her home.If you are looking for a remodeling contractor that will listen to your needs and wants, look no further than Country Creek Builders. We can help you create the renovation of your dreams from the beginning to the end.Contact us today to get the process started.