Create a New Living Area in Your Basement

If your current basement doesn’t provide the space you’re looking for today, you don’t have to settle. Learn how Country Creek builders can help to create a living space in your remodeled basement!

The past year has certainly changed the way you use the spaces in your home. As you continue to spend more time indoors, and your wants and needs evolve, there’s no better time to think about a basement remodel. If your current basement doesn’t provide the space and features you’re looking for today (and down the line), you don’t have to settle — our team of experts is ready to make your vision a reality!

Basement Remodel Design Ideas

When gyms and fitness centers shut their doors last March, people got creative with at-home workouts — and found that flexible space at home was all they needed to recreate the gym experience. Unsurprisingly, sales of at-home gym equipment boomed, and more of our customers have inquired about a larger basement where they could enjoy their own at-home gym. Our team is able to create a designated workout room (with a sauna, if you want) to truly bring the “luxury gym experience” to the comfort of your basement. 

With attendance at sporting events on hold for the time being, many of our customers have also asked about a relaxing bar and TV area where they can gather with family and friends to enjoy the game. We can expand your existing basement or work with the space you have to design the perfect entertainment lounge. A few of the unique details we can incorporate include custom cabinets for any sized TV, an electric linear fireplace, wine bottle cubbies, an under-cabinet fridge, dishwasher, and an under-counter microwave, beautiful tile flooring, soffits with crown molding and LED tape lights, and more.

And of course, with brand new spaces in your basement to enjoy, we can also remodel or create a bathroom that makes your basement even more comfortable. From gutting an existing bathroom to creating space for a new one, our team can design the perfect bathroom to complement your basement, complete with all of the modern features you love, from a walk-in shower to tile floors.

What We Can Do For Your Basement Remodeling Needs

At Country Creek Builders, we pride ourselves on finishing every job on time and on budget. Before we begin, we make a promise to exceed expectations, and we always go out of our way to keep it.

If you’re ready to expose the full potential of your existing space, our team is ready to meet you where you are. We can’t wait to make your basement remodeling dreams come true! Take a look at our completed ​basement remodel projects, and give us a call at 952-484-9812 to set up a consultation. We look forward to talking!