Create Your Own Space with a Basement Remodel

Learn how to create the perfect office space as part of your basement remodel. Country Creek Builders' design team can help create the space of your dreams. Get a quote today!

You met with Country Creek Builders to start your basement remodeling project and everything is going as planned.

One room that you want added to your new basement is a home office. Homeowners that are creating an office space want something that reflects the comfort and design of the finished basement. Whether you are using the space for a designated work space, running your own business or organize the family schedule and paying bills, you deserve the space to be exactly how you want. Many factors go into deciding how you want the home office to look.

First, figure out what location in the basement you want the office. Since you will be spending many hours in the office, don’t skimp on the space you are creating. If you work better in a quiet area, pick a space that is further away from the main area of the basement. Work with the in-house design team to figure out exactly where the best place is to build out your office.

Second, make sure the space serves you and your needs. Having the right furniture and shelving can help to make your office functional. You can have the décor match the rest of the basement or be create something entirely different. Consider having Country Creek Builders design built-in shelving above your desk or another area in the room. Just make sure that suits your needs.

Next, paint the walls a color that you love, since you could potentially be spending a lot of time in there. Some people like to have a bright color, orange or light green, while others like a more calming color such as a sea foam blue. Another option is painting it the color you have chosen for the rest of the basement area. Lighting is another important aspect for your new home office space. Talk with Country Creek Builders to get suggestions on the best type of lighting for the room. It could be as simple as floor and desk lamps or more intricate such as task lighting, indirect lighting or task lighting as options. Make sure that you have ample storage. If the area is small, there is the option of built in cabinets and shelving. One creative idea is to have a fold-out wall mounted desk. Just make sure that everything you need is easily accessible. If you have a computer and other electrical equipment, make sure it is set up close to outlets and try to encase the cords since this will help hide the cords.

Since this office is yours, make it yours. Add some cherished items such as a special photo, or piece of framed art, anything that will help you feel relaxed. Hang artwork on the walls that create inspiration and brighten up your day.

Creating your office space doesn’t have to be difficult. Country Creek Builders and their in-house design team can help you create the space of your dreams. There are so many ways to decorate and organize the space and with their help and expertise it will be exactly how you want it. Contact Country Creek Builders to get your basement remodeling project started along with your personalized office space. Visit our website or call us at 952-484-9812