Great Clips Build Out From Shell to Store

Country Creek Builders finished another Great Clips Hair Salon build out. Their team has completed over 350 Great Clips remodels. Learn how our design team can transform your commercial space!

Country Creek Builders recently finished another Great Clips Hair Salon build out. Our Team has completed over 350 Great Clips remodels and build outs in seven different states. Here is a progress video of the most recent build out that we have finished.Typically, when we start a new Great Clips build out, we walk into what is referred to as a vanilla shell. This means there is sheet rock on both side walls and a concrete floor. Country Creek Builders is responsible for installing all the plumbing, drain and vent lines, electrical wiring, heating and air condition ducts, a grid ceiling, light fixtures, painting, installation of the floor and carpet, and finally assembling the salon.The first step consists of cutting the existing concrete flooring to install the plumbing underground piping. Once the concrete is removed, the plumbing “underground” pipes are placed. After the City inspects the underground plumbing, concrete is re-poured.The second step is to install the metal heating and air condition ducts in the retail space ceiling. The heating ducts are above the grid ceiling, so they must be installed before the grid.Once the heating ducts are installed and inspected, we frame the interior walls for the salon. Due to fire codes in a commercial building, the interior walls are usually framed with steel studs. The interior walls include a bathroom, office and break room for the employees.After the walls are framed, the electrician can wire the new salon. This includes installation of the fluorescent light fixtures in the grid ceiling, power for each of the cutting stations, desk and merchandiser lights, office outlets, networking for the office, and emergency lighting. The electrical wiring must be inspected before we sheet rock any walls.Once the sheet rock has been finished, we prime all the new sheet rock and put on the first coat of paint per Great Clips corporate standards.After the grid ceiling is installed, we then install the LVT flooring and carpet for the lobby area. Then the salon can be assembled, which includes installing the cutting stations on the walls, installation of the merchandiser shelves, shampoo stations, mirrors, and signage.As you can see from our progress video, the transformation from a vanilla shell to the finished Great Clips Hair salon is pretty amazing to watch.Check out Country Creek Builders commercial remodeling projects on their website. Then call 952-484-9812 or request an estimate and we will get started on your next remodeling project.