The Perfect Basement Bar

Looking for the perfect basement remodel? Look no further than Country Creek Builders. We'll help you design the perfect basement and bar to match your wants and needs.

Country Creek Builders recently finished a basement for a family in Shakopee Minnesota that included an amazing bar, an office, a large family room, bedroom, tiled bathroom and a sitting area. After meeting with the homeowners, it was clear that they wanted their basement to be a place to entertain family and friends and have a cozy warm feeling.


Most of the designing for this project was spent on the bar. The homeowners had a specific look and feel that they wanted for the bar area and it took four revisions to ensure that the bar would be exactly what they wanted. Country Creek Builders kept tweaking the design until the drawings and layout matched the ideas that the homeowners envisioned. Sometimes it takes several design revisions to pull out the thoughts and ideas from a homeowner and get them on paper. A detailed design is the only way to ensure that Country Creek Builders completely understands how the homeowner wants their finished project to look and feel.


Country Creek not only has in house design services, but we also assist our homeowners during the selection process. Assisting with the selections not only helps ease the homeowners fear that they will select items that do not match or look good together; it also ensures that Country Creek Builders is fully aware of the materials selected and what needs to be ordered. This helps ensure that the correct materials are ordered and installed for each project. The bar cabinetry was built out of Birch wood and finished with a Cappuccino stain. The cabinet doors were a #5-#90 Flat panel door. The snack bar top (bar rail) was made from wood to give the bar a Pub feel. The back-bar design included base wrap with detailed #724 moldings, wood top with # 6055 crown, a 3 ¾” base wrap on the base columns and a 10 x 10 radius corner on the upper section. The bar design included mirrors and glass shelves on both sides of the upper back bar with a TV and a 2-tier bottle display ledge in the center section. The front of the raised snack bar included base wrap and a paneled front. Arctic White granite was selected for the bar countertops. The fireplace mantel was made from re-sawn hickory and stained to match the bar and finished off by installing a San Francisco Cobble field stone.


When it came time to select the tile for the bathroom, Country Creek Builders spent time with the homeowners at the Tile Shop assisting them with the selections. The shower walls were tiled with New Brighton 10 X 20 Tile and the shower floor was tiled with Pier Silver Hex (H055-B3223y). The recess shelf field tile was Alato Beachwalk Chevron (DT3116) and edged with Q-Seal Grey High Pencil Liner (SL755-22). The bathroom floor was finished with a glue down Alterna 12 X 24 Urban Gallery LVT.


As you can see from the pictures and our progress video, the finishing of this basement project turned out amazing.The family was very pleased with the finished product and how smooth the process was. Let us know if we can help you create the basement you have always dreamed of having. Visit our website or contact us at (952) 484-9812.