Visualizing a Master Bathroom Remodel in Burnsville

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Jon and Jaclyn looked for a contractor that could help them visualize a new design for their master bathroom. After talking to several other contractors that did not have in house design services they contacted Country Creek Builders to help them bring their ideas and dreams to life. Country Creek Builders has completed countless bathroom renovations over the years, so we know what works, but more importantly – what doesn’t work. This busy Burnsville family required a visual design to see how the bathroom could be updated and improved.Their existing bathroom had a very small (3' x 3') shower walled off on three sides, making it very dark and cramped. The soaking tub deck was too large for the size of their bathroom, eating up valuable space. There was a framed, sheet rocked linen closet next to the vanity that did not provide enough storage and took up too much space.After several discussions on what they wanted, and needed, a design was presented. It showed the complete layout of the new bathroom, including cabinet elevations, with a doll house view. Jon and Jaclyn loved seeing their bathroom design in this format and this ensured that they were getting what they want before any work started.

Creating Valuable Space

The design for this master bathroom included removing a portion of the wall for the shower and making it larger. The removal of this upper wall portion allowed us to install a glass panel in its place - providing natural light into the shower. We also removed a portion of the wall by the toilet which increased the floor space. The previous 5' tub had an oversized deck that also used up too much floor space. With an appropriately designed tub area and our assistance to Jon and Jaclyn with feature selections, we were able to re-frame the tub deck for a new larger 6’ tub that included a narrower deck. This design element alone provided them an additional 12” of floor space by the vanity.

Feature Selections

The cabinets for this master bathroom project were designed with a full height linen cabinet (an upper “tower”) between the two sinks and a bumped-out center drawer stack below the “tower”. The cabinets were painted with Sherwin Williams Black Fox.A Zodiaq “Marble Mist” Quartz countertop was installed to compliment the vanity color.The tile for this project was selected from The Tile Shop. The shower floor is Clay Grafito 5 CM tile and an Imperial Oatmeal Gloss 4” x 8” ceramic tile was selected for the shower walls. We installed a Clay Grafito 12” x 25” porcelain tile for the bathroom floor. The tub deck is tiled with the Oatmeal Gloss 4 x 8 tile to match the shower wall.The design for this master bathroom project gave the homeowners exactly what they were hoping. Country Creek Builders turned their ideas and dreams into a modern, bright and spacious master bathroom suite. See more bathroom project ideas, or contact us for a consultation, 952-484-9812.